Low P/E Stock: AI Stock Predictions Beat Market 5 Times Amid COVID-19


  • 24.99 % – the highest average return for an investor is reached by the Top 5 Signals using 3-months’ forecasts
  • Predictions reach up to 65% hit ratio regardless of economic conditions amid COVID-19
  • The Top 5 Signals stocks subset outperformed the S&P 500 by 5.8 times on the 3-days time horizon

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Shariah Compliant (Halal) Stocks Market Forecast – I Know First Presents New Special Halal Stocks Package


List Of Shariah Compliant (Halal) Stocks Traded In The USA

Islamic finance – an amalgamation of Shariah law and modern banking – has become a $2 trillion business over the past two decades, covering everything from bonds to buying cars. So what are Shariah Compliant (Halal) Stocks? Halal investing refers specifically to investing in accordance with Shariah (or Islamic) law. Shariah is a law that is part of Islamic traditions and customs. In Islam, interest is prohibited – and this is the defining principle of investment &#8211

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Low PE Stocks: AI Stock Predictions Beat S&P 500 4 Times Amid COVID-19


  • 14.47 % - 13.23 %- the highest average return for an investor - the Top 5 Signals with a period of 3-months
  • Predictions reach up to 57% hit ratio regardless of economic conditions amid COVID-19
  • The Top 5 Signals group outperformed the S&P 500 by 4.6 times for the 2-weeks time horizon

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Big Tech Stock Boom In The Pandemic: Predictions Reach Up To 99% Accuracy


  • 14.47 % - The highest average return of 69.88 % is shown by the Top 5 Signals for 1-year long predictions
  • Predictions reach up to 99% hit ratio regardless of economic conditions amid the pandemic in 2020
  • For the 1-year time horizon, the Top 5 Signal group exponentially outperformed the benchmark index more than 4.4 times

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I Know First Evaluation Report For Bitcoin Forecast Performance 2020

Bitcoin Forecasts Highlights:

  • The best returns were obtained in the 3-months time horizon, providing an average return of 14.30% for USD / BTC and 17.93% for BTC / EUR.
  • The best hit ratios were similarly obtained for the 3-months time horizon, with the best hit ratio being 78.77% for USD / BTC and 77.65% for BTC / EUR.
  • The forecast accuracy has increased by an average of 9% over intervals of 3 to 14 days, 3% in 3 months horizon, compared to the previous year.

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Options Trading Strategies Forecasts and Risk Modeling

This article was written by:

dr roitmanDr. Lipa Roitman, Co-Founder & CTO at I Know First..

Michael Shpits, Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • Introduction to risk modeling and forecasting options with machine learning.
  • New Implied Volatility package from I Know First Predictive Algorithm.
  • Options trading strategies for optimal returns and risk mitigation.
  • Algorithmic performance analysis of Implied Volatility package.

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Organic Food Stocks: How The Pandemic Benefitted Healthy Food Stocks and How AI Knew First

Chloe PengThe article was written by Chloe Peng, Analyst at I Know First., Master of Science of Finance candidate at Brandeis University.


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has been changing people’s eating habits, 43% customers are consuming more healthy food.
  • Many healthy food producers’ stocks benefitted from this trend in the food industry, for example, United Natural Foods more than tripled its stock price in 3 months, outperforming the index PBJ.
  • I Know First’s predictive AI is able to identify the next winner in the industry and help you win.

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UK Israel Tech Hub Chooses I Know First to Navigate Stock Market Amid Coronavirus

Israel Tech Hub
(Source: UKIsraelHub.com)

The UK Israel Tech Hub is a venture founded by the British government in 2011. The Israel Tech Hub operates under patronage of the British Embassy in Israel. The Hub is meant to drive economic growth by providing British businesses with Israeli technology. Its unique position within the embassy allows them to efficiently and quickly operate in both markets. The company’s goal is to help UK corporations understand their technological needs. The Hub then provides them with innovative solutions from Israeli tech companies to help drive their business forward. 

COVID-19 carries significant

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