Winning Stock Forecast: NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) Stock Returns 35.35% In 3 Months

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Last Year Problems

Nvidia shares had fallen significantly since September 2018. In August, Nvidia excluded the video card for mining from the company’s priorities, citing the negative dynamics of the cryptocurrency market and the decline in demand for graphics processors. Another reason of such decline was poor sales of graphics adapters based on the Turing and Volta architecture. They were too expensive for consumers, while game developers were not hurried to reveal the potential of new products.

winning stock forecast

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3DMark Port Royal

Despite the poor sales of new GPUs and video cards for mining, the company continues to release new products

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Apple announced Q4 results and plan to enter the video streaming market

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

-Steve Jobs


Apple announced strong Q4 results, nevertheless the stock declines
Outlook on Future Sales and Profits look promising
Apple is launching a new streaming service and are facing high competition
Risky investment environment around the world

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GOOGL Forecast: Alphabet Focuses on Future Growth and so Should Investors


This article was written by Grant Goldstein, a Financial Analyst at I Know First




  • Q1 Expenses Worry Stockholders
  • Google's Upcoming Product Line
  • GOOGL Bullish Forecast

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