I Know First Coverage: European Stocks, Milano Stock Exchange, Italian ETFs

The Growing I Know First Coverage

Currently I Know First provides forecasts for a significant number of assets – around 10,000. The financial instruments are selected using an advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithm and the selection provides great diversification. This characteristic allows, in the investment phase, to minimize the risk. The algorithm analyzes several assets, for example: stocks, currency exchange markets, commodities, gold, ETFs and world indices. For each package, the system is set to study six time horizons: short, medium and long. The longer the timeline examined, the better are the abilities of

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Winning Stock Forecast: DAN And VAC Returns Up to 30.59% and 22.96% in 14 Days.

Dana Incorporated (NYSE: DAN)

[Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org]

Dana Incorporated announced preliminary 2018 financial results and guidance for 2019. Growth of 13% in sales and 15% in adjusted EBITDA, compared with 2017, due to strong end-market demand, conversion of sales backlog and acquisition synergies. The completion of the acquisition of the Drive Systems Segment of the Oerlikon Group (ODS), expected to close by the end of February of 2019 and the acquisition of SME Group is a good reason to stay long. The company’s electrified product portfolio will expand and will be strengthened by Drive System of

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Apple Stock Forecast: Why Apple Will Release A New Mac Mini This Year

motek 1The article was written by Motek Moyen Research Seeking Alpha’s #1 Writer on Long Ideas and #2 in Technology – Senior Analyst at I Know First.


  • In spite of year-over-year declines in quarterly revenue and net income, Apple’s stock still jumped 5% during after-hours trading after its Jan. 29 ER.
  • iPhone’s quarterly revenue was down -15% Y/Y but Mac’s revenue was up 9% Y/Y. Revenue from iPad was up +17% and Services was up +19% Y/Y.
  • The strong sales growth of the iPad and Services segments convinced me that Apple will really release a new low-cost iPad Mini and iPad 9.7 inch this year.
  • Office productivity, mobile gaming, and watching streaming movies is still better on an iPad than on an iPhone.
  • Adobe will release an iPad/iOS native version of Photoshop CC this year. A $200 iPad Mini 5 with 7.9-inch screen is perfect for professional photo editing.

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Winning WLK Stock Forecast: Westlake Chemical Partners Returns 22.53% in 14 Days


[Image Source: businesswire.com]

Westlake has seen a sharp rise of its stock in the recent few weeks, as it has received growing attention from investors and traders. As of Q3 2018 Robotti Robert has 5.73% invested in the company. Another 55,056 shares of Westlake Chemical Partners are owned by Contradictory Investment Management. Many more institutional clients hold large sums of stocks. WLK pays a dividend of 7.19%, which is very high compared to the industry average. It pays out 97.7% of its earning to its stockholders. On February 19 WLK is expected to report its quarterly earnings

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Winning Stock Forecast: Calling CC returns up to 14.31%

Chemours Company (CC)

Source : prnewswire.com

In November the stocks of Chemours dropped by 13.7%. Although the company delivered a year-over-year increase in the EBITDA for all operating segments in the third quarter of 2018, shareholders are still worried about the uncertainty in the titanium dioxide industry in North America, as well as environmental litigation. As Chemours is a global leader in producing titanium dioxide, which is used to make coatings, plastics and paper, many stockholders are also worried about the slowing demand for these products. Experts assume that China will be a key driver in this

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AMD Stock Prediction: Why AMD Stock Has A Bright Future

This article was written by Mathieu Stalder, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • Stock is in a decisive technical area, as the stock price approaches a resistance and a support zone
  • Solid financial figures but fundamentals indicate a clear overvaluation as the price to book ratio of 15.83 is rather expensive, as the industry average is only 2.10.
  • AMD has been added to NASDAQ-100 due to its high valuation
  • Huge Potential in the Semiconductor Industry as HIS Markit forecasts that by 2025 , there will be around 75 billion installed Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Current Bullish Long Term I Know First Algorithm Forecast

Technical Analysis

Overall seen AMD is one of the best performing stocks in the market as it outperforms 94% of the stocks in the Electronic Components and Accessories industry. This is mostly due to strong growth of the stock 4 month ago. The stock is currently trading in the middle of the 52 weeks range, whereas the S&P500 Index is on the lower end of its 52-week range, which shows that AMD is doing a bit better than the Index. By analyzing the chart of the AMD stock price, it clearly shows that there is a support zone

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Why Machine Learning Is Important In The Future

“There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an artificial intelligence machine by 2035.” —Gray Scott


  • How Neurons Build A Neural Network
  • Difference Between Unsupervised And Supervised Learning
  • For Google Machine Learning Is The Future
  • I Know First Predictive Algorithm

How Neurons Build A Neural Network

[Image Source: medium.freecodecamp.org]

A Neuron can simply be described as a function. A function is a fancy name for something that takes some input, applies some logic, and outputs the result. A Neuron can also be determined as one learning unit. The crucial part is to understand what a learning unit (function) is, then we will understand the basic building block of a Neural Network. A function is basically a relationship between two variables usually denoted

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AI Poised to Considerably Contribute Towards Global GDP: Productivity Gains of $15.7 Trillion

This article was written by Graham Ellinson, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.    

AI Poised to Considerably Contribute Towards Global GDP: Productivity Gains of $15.7 Trillion

“We’ve never really unbundled decision making before—we usually think of human decision making as a single step. Now we’re unbundling decision making” - Ajay Agrawal professor of entrepreneurship and strategic management at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management

Source: pixabay.com


  • Artificial Intelligence is a data focused tool where performance improves dramatically the more data it is fed.
  • AI assists to multiple day-to-day decision making beyond simple automation of tasks.
  • Artificial intelligence is expected to result in an increase of global GDP by 14% over the next decade.

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