Stock Market Predictions by I Know First AI Algorithm – Live Test by TV Channel 13

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AI Stock Market Predictions Test

I Know First Team accepted the challenge to build an investment portfolio using our proprietary developed AI predictive algorithm amid one of the highest market volatility period – August 2019. For the test purposes Top 20 stock picks package was utilized – one portfolio was maintained as passive and the other one was actively managed. In both cases our algorithmic trading stock market predictions has proven themselves to be extremely useful and allowing to outperform the major market index – S&P 500.

Top S&P 500 Stocks: Daily Forecast and Global Model Performance Evaluation Report

Top S&P 500 stocks returns summary

Top S&P 500 Stocks Evaluation Highlights:

  • Stock market forecasts that were generated by our Daily Forecast model obtained positive returns for all time horizons and outperformed the S&P 500 for short time horizons (3 to 14 days).
  • We observed a consistent positive effect of signal-based filtering, besides one exception in the 90 days time horizon, additional screening by signal always resulted in higher performance.
  • The Global Model improved the performance even further - our algorithm's forecast according to this new model enabled a more flexible trading strategy that generated robust returns compared to both the S&P 500 Benchmark and the traditional model performance on longer horizons.
  • The highest return of 6.86% was obtained by applying the Global Model on the 90-days time stock market forecast horizon.

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Best Stocks Under 10 Package Evaluation Report – October 2019

Best Stocks Under 10 Highlights:

  • Top 5 stocks subset had better returns across almost all time horizons, providing an average return of 14.9% in the 1-year horizon which outperformed the benchmark by 234%.
  • In the absence of signal filtering the forecasts provided positive returns above the benchmark for short-term forecasting horizons ranging from 3-days to 14-days, out-performing it by 3-14 times.

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S&P 500 Forecast: Evaluating the Stock Market Predictions Hit Ratio for Long Term Model and Short Term Model

In this forecast evaluation report, we examine the performance of the S&P 500 forecast generated by the I Know First AI Algorithms for the long term model and short term model. Our analysis covers the time period from January 1st, 2019 to October 9th, 2019. Below, we present our key takeaways for checking hit ratios of our stock market predictions.

Evaluation S&P 500 Forecast Highlights

  • 77% Hit ratio for 3 months’ time period of S&P 500 predictions allowing our clients to be able to invest their money with significant less risk.
  • Short term model more accurate than long term model for the 3 days predictions.
  • 69% Hit ratio for 4 days’ time period of S&P 500 predictions for the short term model.
S&P 500 forecast hit ratio
S&P 500 forecast

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Stock Predictions In Trump Era: Beyond Hype And Headlines

I Know First Research Team LogoThis article was written by the I Know First Research Team.


  • The Trump administration has been known for unpredictability.
  • Trade war with China and at times seemingly erratic behavior of US leader keep investors under pressure.
  • The I Know First predictive AI has been able to anticipate the ups and downs of the Trum-Era stock market, predicting the unpredictables.

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Stocks To Short Based on Data Mining: Returns up to 7.45% in 3 Days

Package Name: Stock Forecast & S&P500 Forecast
Recommended Positions: Short
Forecast Length: 3 Days (8/2/2019 - 8/5/2019)
I Know First Average: 5.31%

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Top Stock Picks
Top Stock Picks chart

S&P 500 Forecast: How to Save and Perform With the Most Known Index

Ori HoltzmanThis article on S&P 500 forecast and trading was written by Ori Holtzman, a Financial Analyst at I Know First


  • S&P500 is one of the most sought-after indexes which consistently provides bigger returns than investor portfolios of Warren Buffett
  • Many different financial institutions invest in the S&P 500 consistently and a lot of people follow the companies traded on it
  • I Know First AI Algorithm recorded maximum of 75% Hit Ratio for 14-day time period of S&P 500 predictions allowing our clients to be able to invest their money with significant less risk
  • Predictions by I Know First AI Algorithm is consistently above 60% accurate despite very volatile times in the world economy over the last half year

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Stock Algorithms Based on Artificial Intelligence: Returns up to 9.64% in 7 Days

Package Name: Top 10 Stocks
Recommended Positions: Short
Forecast Length: 7 Days (05/26/2019 - 06/03/2019)
I Know First Average: 3.84%

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