Top S&P 500 Stocks: Daily Forecast and Global Model Performance Evaluation Report

Top S&P 500 stocks returns summary

Top S&P 500 Stocks Evaluation Highlights:

  • Stock market forecasts that were generated by our Daily Forecast model obtained positive returns for all time horizons and outperformed the S&P 500 for short time horizons (3 to 14 days).
  • We observed a consistent positive effect of signal-based filtering, besides one exception in the 90 days time horizon, additional screening by signal always resulted in higher performance.
  • The Global Model improved the performance even further - our algorithm's forecast according to this new model enabled a more flexible trading strategy that generated robust returns compared to both the S&P 500 Benchmark and the traditional model performance on longer horizons.
  • The highest return of 6.86% was obtained by applying the Global Model on the 90-days time stock market forecast horizon.

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Stock Forecast Evaluation Report For US Stock Market – Significantly Beating S&P 500 Index

Executive Summary

In this stock forecast evaluation report, we will examine the performance of the forecasts generated by the I Know First AI Algorithm for the US stock market and sent to our customers on a daily basis. Our analysis covers time period from January 1, 2019 to May 23, 2019.

  • Top 5 signals provided the most predictable stocks with a return of 10.42% in a 3-month investment horizon, beating the benchmark by 1.61%.
  • There is a clear correlation between increasing time horizons and investment return.
  • The benchmark was over-performed in the top 10 and 5 signal classes.

The above results were obtained based on the stock forecast evaluation over the specific time period using consecutive filtering approach – by predictability, then by signal, to give general overview of the forecasting capabilities of the algorithm for specific stock universe. The following sections of this study will develop

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I Know First Live forecast evaluation: Extensive Portfolio Evaluation Using Stock Picking Based On S&P 500 Universe

Top S&P 500 Stocks

S&P 500 Evaluation Report

In this report we will evaluate the performance of the forecasts generated by the I Know First AI Algorithm for the S&P 500 universe sent to our customers on a daily basis. We will start with an introduction to our stock picking and benchmarking methods and then apply it to the stocks in the S&P500 universe.

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I Know First Live forecast evaluation: Our Top S&P 500 Stocks Outperformed The Market from 2015 until 2018

The goal of this analysis is to demonstrate the out-performance of the Top S&P 500 Stocks 'I Know First' picked over the S&P 500 index. The analysis shows that for all the different time horizons, using 'I Know First’s' indicators to pick stocks out-performs the market. As a result, you can clearly see the effect of using the 'I Know First' signal and predictability indicators to get better hit ratios and returns for your portfolio.

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