I Know First’s Brazilian Stock Market Track Record: Beating Bovespa

On August 1st 2017 I Know First finished the implementation and the training period of its AI-based ranking and forecasting system for the main equities listed on the Brazilian Stock Exchange Bovespa. On this date the first Brazilian stock forecast was published for the subscribed investors in the local market.

Quant Hedge Fund: Why Hedge Funds Should Adapt AI Technology To Continue

The article was written by David Shabotinsky, a Financial Analyst at I Know First, and enrolled at an undergraduate Finance program at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya.

Quant Hedge Fund

The punches you miss are the ones that wear you out”. —Boxing trainer Angelo Dundee -The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham. Active Investors have over the past years been experiencing large losses, as a result of volatile markets and recent market bubbles. The losses result in human error, that greatly hurts returns. This article will explain how hedge funds and investors alike, should begin to utilize machine-learning AI algorithms in their trading strategies. Summary:
  • Background of Hedge Funds and their role in the market
  • Hedge fund and investor issues and how it affects the financial world today
  • Development of AI based algorithms and their advantages
  • I Know First Algorithm’s competitive advantages and usage in the market

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Algorithmic Trading Strategies For European Stocks: Returns Up to 193%

In the following article we analyze a series of trading strategies directly adoptable by I Know First clients and which have generated returns up to 193% over the period going from August 2015 to April 2017. The strategies follow the algorithm’s signals and invest daily in the strongest ones from the package “European Stocks” hence resulting in a portfolio continuously in line with the program’s recommendations and with the evolving market.

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Algorithmic trading strategies

Stock Market Forecast: Chaos Theory Revealing How the Market Works

I Know First Research | May 8th 2014

How Can We Predict the Financial Markets by Using Algorithms? Common fallacies about markets claim markets are unpredictable. However, chaos theory together with powerful algorithms proves such statements are wrong. Markets are chaotic systems with complex dynamics, yet to a certain extent we can make valid stock market forecasts. Using these forecasts generated by cutting-edge predictive algorithms together with a careful risk management strategy may give a trader a significant competitive advantage.

Markets Are Complex Systems

Looking at the common fallacies about stock markets, we can see two major groups. The first group is connected to the classical economic theory, which claims that markets are 100% efficient, and as such unpredictable. However, trying to make predictions regarding the markets is useless anyway, as no stock can be possibly be a better deal than another. Both of them are efficient and everybody in the market has perfect information available to them. From our daily lives it is obvious that this does not truly reflect reality. There are people who actually profit trading stocks, which should not be possible in this idealistic market of economy theories.

Machine Learning for Trading: Collaborations with Institutional Investors on Mid-term Oriented Strategies

In this article, we summarize some methods of utilizing I Know First's state of the art machine learning for trading in particular in the area of fund management. We present the performance of mid-term oriented algorithmic trading strategies based on I Know First’s AI-based forecasting signals and give an update on one of Know First’s collaborations with an institutional investor to bring AI-powered funds to the marketplace.

How to Build a Dynamic ETF Portfolio using Artificial Intelligence

In the following, we present how to construct a high-performing dynamic ETF portfolio based on the algorithmic forecasts generated by our artificial intelligence system which including the costs of bid-ask spreads and commissions, results in:
  • Returns of up to 40% in a 2-year time period
  • Alphas reaching 18%
  • Sharpe ratios reaching 1.2

KEM Stock Forecast: AI Algorithm Returned 557.69% Over One Year

Stock Prediction Quick Win

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