QCOM Stock Forecast for 2022: Growth with 5G Speed

Adi RavedThis QCOM Stock Forecast for 2022 article was written by Adi Raved – Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • QCOM, with ROE of 115.9% and Net Margin of 26.94%, is one of the most profitable companies in the Semiconductor industry
  • Institutional Investors prefer to buy QCOM
  • Increasing the long-term demand for 5G chips in the Automotive industry

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Artificial Intelligence: Road to the Smart Future

Kemy Huang  This article was written by Kemy Huang – Research Analyst at I Know First


  • Earlier times, AI had been particularly slow to develop with periodic booms in research. However over the past decade, due to the digital world transforming into the data world, the promising leaps to surpass traditional computing power, and some businesses start to make fortune from the technique. Based on those reasons lead to the AI boom
  • The innovation in the AI area shows the great potential of how powerful it could be. Nowadays, the example in AlphaGo showed the milestone of AI that it doesn't need to be constrained by the limits of human knowledge
  • The technique of Artificial intelligence can bring a fortune to the market. I Know First the promising company that could upgrade investment decisions by providing effective forecasting solutions for the investors

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Stock Market Forecast Based on Artificial Intelligence for 2022

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Client Review of Using I Know First Forecasting Services

The main purpose of our company is to provide algorithmic forecasting solutions for the capital markets to uncover the best investment opportunities for our clients, and client feedback is the best way to evaluate the quality of our services. We glade to see a tweet from Socrates The Trader about using our algorithmic forecasts and sharing his experience across of investors community.

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Automotive Stocks: AI beats the S&P 500 by 28.24%


  • The highest average return is 59.53% for the Top 5 Signals on a 1-year time horizon
  • The most impressive out-performance against the S&P 500 index is from the Top 5 signal group in the 7-day horizon with 2.35 times higher return
  • Predictions reach up to 93% hit ratio regardless of economic conditions amid COVID-19
  • Every signal group has hit ratios above 53% for all time horizons
  • I Know First provides an investment strategy for institutional investors that generated a return of 105.82% and exceeded the S&P 500 return by 67.70% for the period from August 5th, 2020 to December 1st, 2021

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The Coronavirus Package Content

The main focus of the Coronavirus package is to cover the assets that may be affected by the coronavirus with the biggest financial exposures and it includes assets such as gold and relevant commodities, biotech companies’ stocks, pharmaceutical companies’ stocks, semiconductors, and technological sectors stocks and more. The Coronavirus package contents 142 tickers on December 2nd, 2021

Machine Learning in Finance: I Know First’s Deep Learning Trading Strategies

Science fiction is now part of our everyday life as machine learning and artificial intelligence are being more and more embedded in our lives through functions such as visual and audio recognition performed by "digital intelligence" instead of human intelligence. I Know First applies machine learning in finance to predict the future state of the market, these predictions can be used for the development of deep learning trading strategies and result in investment portfolios with excellent returns and performance statistics as we will show below.

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