I Know First reviews

Some of what people say about us:


“Hey,  just some feedback – 20% gains over 2 days just using 6/6 stocks in all horizons. Thanks a million!”

-William B. 


“Fantastic service, There are many things that sets I Know First algorithm apart, in my experience. One is the ability to find/screen stock market opportunities based on their powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithm . This allows you to study many of the characteristics that go into finding stocks primed to move upward.”

– Jonathan . T


“I have been a I Know First algorithm user for about 4 years now and I have created really effective algorithmic strategies using it that not only beat the market but that do so on a much better risk-adjusted basis.. Their interactive interface is one of the most important tools, as it keeps you on the right side of the big moves.”

– Eric T.


“The forecast helps to follow the entry and exit of money in the market and thus provides a reliable tool that allows to build trading strategies.”

– I Know First Subscriber


“Excellent tool for identifying market opportunities daily
– Nathan B.


“Just wanted to thank you… I subscribed and have destroyed with       Nokia, LDK and shorted BBRY. If anybody is skeptical the information provided is excellent.
– Fund Manager and I Know First Subscriber


“The amount of the monthly subscription has covered the first trading day, very good service – Thank you!

– I Know First Subscriber


“… ANF was an 800% Jan. option today!

– John B.


“The model shows graphically and effectively, all investor and trader on the stock exchange need to know”

– I Know First Subscriber


“Just a short position on VIX, already got back the subscription fee in a few months.

– Daniel R.


“I see this as a very good tool in the management of investments in the field of forex – it’s a winning tool

– I Know First Subscriber


“I’ve only been a subscriber for a couple of months however, your service has helped me identify some market opportunities. It has been a very helpful added indicator to my trading.”
– Richard H.


“I appreciated the freedom I had to manage my stock portfolio, as I Know First only offers investment suggestions […] The performance of I Know First’s stock predictions were excellent in the medium and long term..”
– I Know First Subscriber


“I Know First has made my portfolio bloom in a short period of time”

– Joseph F.


“I’ve been using the algo to trade this market for the last week or so and I have to tell you they rock! I am up 20% today and the market is down and I took over $1,000.00 in profits as well…. quite a tool…”

– George C.