I Know First Trade Report : MU, 12.42% In 12 Days

On the 17th of October 2014 I Know First algorithm released a bullish signal on its 1 month forecast for MU. At the same time the price moved above the 5 day simple moving average of the stock’s price, which is a strong position to buy a stock at. Below is the original forecast, and the resulting trade which made 12.42% in just 12 Days.

Trade Report


Key Numbers and Dates

Buy Recommendation

You would buy the stock on Oct, 17th 2014 according to the I Know  First signal you received that morning of 85.95 and the fact that the stock closed above the 5 day simple moving average on the 16th of October. You would buy the stock at the market opening price of $28.91.

Customized Forecast Sell Recommendation – 12.42% In 12 Days

According to the algorithm you would sell the stock on the 29th of October at the market opening price of $32.50 based on the weak signal (below 10) you received before the market opened of  4.14. Your return of the trade would be 12.42%.

Market Sell Recommendation – 10.07% In 13 Days.

According to the 5 day simple moving average (SMA) you would sell the stock on Oct 30th post market when the price closed below the 5 day SMA at the price of $31.82. The Total return without an algorithmic exit would be 10.07%.

Where could I have found this forecast?

MU belongs to our “Top x Stock Picks + S&P500” universe.  On Oct 17th, 2014 the stock’s position on the 1 Month table was 5, making available to “Top 5” and above subscribers.

MU forecast


What is MU?

MU is the stock ticker for Micron Technology, Inc., a global manufacturer and marketer of semiconductor devices, principally NAND Flash, DRAM and NOR Flash memory, as well as other memory technologies, packaging solutions and semiconductor systems for use in computing, consumer, networking, automotive, industrial, embedded and mobile products. In addition, the Company manufactures semiconductor components for CMOS images sensors and other semiconductor products. The Company’s manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, China, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Puerto Rico and Singapore. Below is the trade we forecast in relation to the last year.

1 year