Shariah Compliant (Halal) Stocks Market Forecast – I Know First Presents New Special Halal Stocks Package

List Of Shariah Compliant (Halal) Stocks Traded In The USA

Islamic finance – an amalgamation of Shariah law and modern banking – has become a $2 trillion business over the past two decades, covering everything from bonds to buying cars. So what are Shariah Compliant (Halal) Stocks? Halal investing refers specifically to investing in accordance with Shariah (or Islamic) law. Shariah is a law that is part of Islamic traditions and customs. In Islam, interest is prohibited – and this is the defining principle of investment – the receipt of interest. These principles require investors to share profits and losses and not to invest in prohibited businesses. When such an approach to investing is used, before investing in a company it is necessary to assess an entity’s financial statements to determine its primary income source and how its balance sheet is managed to confirm these are in line with the above rules.

Many US-listed companies conduct halal businesses and are Sharia-compliant. However, many Islamic investors do not know if stocks listed on the US stock exchanges qualify for Sharia law. According to, approximately 40% of all listed shares in the US are Sharia-compliant, and there are 17 Sharia-compliant business sectors.


AI-driven Halal Stocks Forecasting Algorithm

I Know First team stays sharp on the latest developments and trends in the stock market worldwide and as a response to this extraordinary challenge to the investors’ community is introducing a special AI-driven forecasting package – Halal Stocks market forecast package. The main focus of the package is to cover the assets that are compliant with the above principles of Sharia law. Our advanced AI algorithm is utilizing a number of sources to track the halal stocks and provide the most updated market outlook for them as a heatmap indicating bullish and bearish signals for each of these stocks.

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