I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: December 23rd, 2020

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Investment Selection Using AI Predictive Algorithm
December 23, 2020

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Machine Learning Trading, Stock Market, and Chaos

taliTali Soroker is a Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • There is a notable difference between chaos and randomness making chaotic systems predictable, while random ones are not
  • Modeling chaotic processes are possible using statistics, but it is extremely difficult
  • Machine learning can be used to model chaotic processes more effectively
  • I Know First has employed artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to make predictions in the stock market
  • Definitions for underlined words can be found in the Glossary at the end of the article

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Stock Market Prediction: AI And Chaos Theory

I Know First Research Team LogoThis article was written by the I Know First Research Team.

Rationality and Chaos

There have been many attempts to model the inner workings that make markets tick the way they do, starting from those as fundamental as the Smithsonian unseen hand correcting all the wrongs. However, when it comes to things less abstract and academic, one of the main questions on everybody’s minds is whether market, and, more specifically, stock market predictions are a possibility or not.

stock market predictions
(Source: Pixabay.com)

In extreme cases, both a simple “Yes” and “No” seem to equally contradict the reality on the ground. On the one hand, the famous Efficient

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Machine Learning Trading: Highest Return of 41.07% in 7 days

Package Name: Stocks Under 10 Dollars
Forecast Length:  7 days (06/21/2016 - 06/28/2016)
I Know First Average: 5.84% (long); 5.46% (short)

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Machine Learning Trading

Machine Learning Trading: Highest Return of 15.10% in 14 Days

Brazil Stock ForecastPackage Name: Brazil Stock Forecast
Recommended Positions:
Forecast Length: 14 Days (06/03/16 – 06/17/16)
I Know First Average: 7.27%

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Machine Learning Trading

Stock Market Prediction Algorithm: Up to 112.95% Gain In 1 Year (Long)

Package Name: Top 10 Stocks
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 1 Year (7/22/2014 - 7/22/2015)
I Know First Average: 18.16% (Long) & 5.90% (Short)

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Stock Market Prediction Algorithm

Machine Learning Trading: Up to 81.65% Gain In 1 Year

Package Name: Top 10 Stocks
Recommended Positions: Long and Short
Forecast Length: 1 Year (7/11/2014 - 7/11/2015)
I Know First Average: 12.57% (Long) & 13.02% (Short)

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machine learning trading

Machine Learning Trading: Up To 18.27% In 1 Month

Package Name: Top 10 Stocks
Forecast Length: 1 Month (4/17/2015 – 5/17/2015)
24 07 2013 10 48 51 Best Investments Based on Algorithms: 8.19% Gain in 14 Days
I Know First Average: 5.11%

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Machine Learning Trading