Winning AMSC Stock Forecast: American Superconductor Corporation Returns 21.62% in 3 Days

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American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC), incorporated on April 9, 1987, is a provider of megawatt-scale solutions. The Company operates through two segments: Wind and Grid. Through the Company’s Windtec Solutions brand, the Wind business segment enables manufacturers to field wind turbines. Through the Company’s Gridtec Solutions, the Grid business segment enables electric utilities and renewable energy project developers to connect, transmit and distribute power. AMSC supplies power electronics and control systems, licenses its engineered

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Apple announced Q4 results and plan to enter the video streaming market

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

-Steve Jobs


  • Apple announced strong Q4 results, nevertheless the stock declines
  • Outlook on Future Sales and Profits look promising
  • Apple is launching a new streaming service and are facing high competition
  • Risky investment environment around the world
  • Bullish I Know First Algorithm Long Term Forecast

Q4 results and the reason for the latest stock decline of Apple

The decline of the Apple stock, when they reported their resutls was surprising as the company reported strong earnings and exceeded analysts’ estimation. Reasons for the major setback are as follows: lower revenues in the next quarter expected and major changes in the reporting structure.

Another reason might be, that latest iPhone is not fulfilling its expectations. According to KeyBanc Capital Markets Analyst John Vinh, iPhone XR inventory is piling

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Winning Stock Forecast: Calling KEM Stock Returns 25.03% in 7 Days

KEMET Corporation (KEMET), incorporated on July 9, 1990, is a manufacturer of passive electronic components. The Company operates in two segments: Solid Capacitors, and Film and Electrolytic. The Company offers multilayer ceramic, solid and electrolytic aluminum and film capacitors. The Company's product offerings include surface mount, which are attached directly to the circuit board; leaded capacitors, which are attached to the circuit board using lead wires, and chassis-mount and other pin-through-hole board-mount capacitors, which utilize attachment methods, such as screw terminal and snap-in.

KEM saw a rise of 25.03% over a period of 7 day. Two days were crucial during that 7 days. The second rise was mainly due to the strong result the company reported. The first rise was on the 29 of October, when KEMET announced to refinance with Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, which will lower the debt balance to approximately $296 million. KEMET expect saving for annual interest rate to approximately $21 million. This day the stock price significantly profited from that news.

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