I Know First Weekly Review Algorithmic Performance: July 14th, 2021

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Weekly Newsletter | July 14th, 2021

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Good morning, I Know First universe. We’re happy to share our best article and stock prediction of the week:
  • Top Trade Ideas – Hedge Fund Stocks Based on Artificial Intelligence: Returns up to 4442.28% in 1 Year
Top 20 Stock Picks For This Week Based on AI-Powered Predictive Algorithm + Top Stock Prices For July 2021

Need To Know First!

  • Best Hedge Fund Stocks Based on Genetic Algorithms: Returns up to 15.9% in 3 Days
  • Top Stocks Based on Data Mining: Returns up to 7.65% in 7 Days
  • Stock Market Projections Based on Machine Learning: Returns up to 30.51% in 14 Days
  • Artificial Intelligence Stocks Based on Artificial Intelligence: Returns up to 32.06% in 1 Month
  • Best Stocks Under 5 Dollars Based on Big Data: Returns up to 142.17% in 3 Months
  • Hedge Fund Stocks Based on Artificial Intelligence: Returns up to 4442.28% in 1 Year
  • Natuzzi (NTZ) Stock returns up to 183.92% since October 21, 2020, since the global market layout provides revenue turnaround opportunities in the following years.
  • Align Technology (ALGN) Stock returns up to 110.87% since January 24, 2021, as once normalcy has begun to come back, Invisalign is having a higher demand than ever before.
  • Amazon (AMZN) Stock returns up to 16.08% since April 23, 2021, as the MGM acquisition ensured a firmer grip on consumer streaming for the company.

Best Investment Opprotunities For the Second Half of 2021

To help you filter through all the different forecasts we have, I Know First’s Research Department has compiled the most recommended investment avenues for the second half of 2021. The outlook is based on the most prominent assets the algorithm will find for the second half of the year. The forecast includes the top S&P 500 for the second half of 2021, Top aggressive stocks, top small cap stock picks, best ETF’S, the most up to date S&P 500 Forecast, Nasdaq forecast, European indices forecast (DAX, CAC, etc), the top commodities for the second half of 2021, and more!

You can get access to this report today so you can know first what the biggest winners of the second half of 2021 will be!

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Index Trading With AI: Betting On The Future

I Know First Research Team LogoThis article was written by the I Know First Research Team.


  • Index-based derivatives are a lucrative financial tool both for hedgers and speculative traders.
  • AI-driven predictive tools hold a major promise for index traders as they can be used to assess if the target index is set to go up or down.
  • I Know First AI is an efficient solution for those seeking to up their index game with advanced high-tech tools.

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Indices Forecast Based on Artificial Intelligence: 9.31% Average Return Over 1 Year

Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 1 Year (12/10/14 – 03/10/15)
I Know First Average: 9.31%

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indices forecast 

World Market Indices: Up to 18.47% Return In 3 Months

World Market Indices

This algorithmic forecast is part of the "World Indices" package, as one of I Know First's quantitative investment solutions. We determine our world indices picks by screening our database daily using our advanced algorithm. The full World Indexes Package includes a daily forecast for a total of 20 indices with bullish and bearish signals:

  • top ten world indexes to long
  • top ten world indexes to short

Recommended Positions: Long
24 07 2013 10 48 51 Best Investments Based on Algorithms: 8.19% Gain in 14 DaysForecast Length: 3 Months (10/17/14 – 1/17/15)
I Know First Average: 8.12%

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world market indices