Winning WLK Stock Forecast: Westlake Chemical Partners Returns 22.53% in 14 Days


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Westlake has seen a sharp rise of its stock in the recent few weeks, as it has received growing attention from investors and traders. As of Q3 2018 Robotti Robert has 5.73% invested in the company. Another 55,056 shares of Westlake Chemical Partners are owned by Contradictory Investment Management. Many more institutional clients hold large sums of stocks. WLK pays a dividend of 7.19%, which is very high compared to the industry average. It pays out 97.7% of its earning to its stockholders. On February 19 WLK is expected to report its quarterly earnings. Analysts expect earnings per share of $0.38, which is $0.08 down to prior year. The main reason for the latest rise in the stock, is that the stock declined over the last few months and many investors regarded this a good chance to buy stocks.

WLK saw a rise of 22.53% over a period of 14 days. The stock rose mainly due to the low valuation of the company. The stock rose constantly during the beginning of the 14-day period.

The chart below shows the forecast of I Know First and the top 10 stock picks published on December 25, I Know First has issued 14 days bullish forecast for WLK with the signal of 2.29 and the predictability of 0.48.

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Westlake Chemical Corporation, incorporated on September 3, 1991, is a global manufacturer and marketer of basic chemicals, vinyls, polymers and building products. The Company’s products include a range of chemicals, which are fundamental to various consumer and industrial markets, including flexible and rigid packaging, automotive products, coatings, water treatment, refrigerants, residential and commercial construction, as well as other durable and non-durable goods. The Company operates in two segments: Olefins and Vinyls. The Company is also an integrated producer of vinyls with substantial downstream integration into polyvinyl chloride (PVC) building products.

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