AI Stock Market Predictions: Algorithm Predicted GME and AMC Surge Against All Odds

Source: Jioforme

Try to find a person who has Internet access and still doesn’t know that GME stock price exploded as a result of the battle that emerged from a Reddit post last week. Chances are that you will find this task extremely difficult not only in the USA but worldwide. The story started as the single person offering to “crowd-push” against the major market players holding short positions on GME stock and take revenge on the 1% of the society to be held accountable for the latest financial crises. That said, we saw recently an extremely sharp demand increase not only for GME stock but also AMC, EXPR, and NOK that were also considered to be favorite short stocks for many institutional. The reasonable question for a regular investor in this situation – “Could I predict it anyhow and make it work for my benefit?” Short answer – Yes, we at I Know First could and we did it with our AI stock market predictions.

3 days stock market predictions
Consumer Discretionary Package Forecast from January 24th
7 days stock market predictions
Consumer Discretionary Package Forecast from January 20th

The above heatmaps represent I Know First AI stock market predictions that highlighted GME and AMC as the top stocks to jump by amazing 400% and 600% on 3 and 7 days forecasts, respectively. Although the predictability was relatively medium, the corresponding signal levels indicated a coming abnormality in the stock price volatility and the stock price direction in the nearest future. Moreover, we published an article recommending buying the GME stock on October 26, 2020, in our weekly newsletter. Since then GME stock set off with more than 2200% and continued until the publication date hitting the 3000% level.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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