Forecasting Liquidity Presentation

We turned our article about the future of risk management into a Forecasting Liquidity Presentation.

The Future of Risk Management Part 1: Forecasting Liquidity from I Know First: Daily Market Forecast

A presentation detailing the information from Part 1 on our series about the Future of Risk Management. In the article, we discuss what liquidity forecasts are, how they can be useful in predicting the economy, and I Know First’s plans to forecast liquidity.

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Or check out Part 2: Quantifying Uncertainty here.


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The Future Of Risk Management Part 2: Quantifying Uncertainty

  This article was written by Julia Masch, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.  


  • Understanding Uncertainty
  • Bayesian Updating & Algorithmic Advantages
  • In the Pipeline: Quantifying Uncertainty

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