Quantitative Trading: Quantitative AI Equity Funds Rebirth

The article was written by Dmitry Podretskiy, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.

Quantitative Trading: Quantitative AI Equity Funds Rebirth


  • AI transforms investment strategies
  • Pre-crisis market overview
  • Quantitative strategies meltdown
  • Goldman's QIS renaissance
  • I Know First implementing AI

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Algorithmic Trading Quant Fund: The Industry Going Through a “Quant Winter”

This article was written by Raphaël Uzan, a financial analyst at I Know First.


After being booming, quant investment funds and algorithmic trading have gone through a dark period. In this article, we will introduce what are quant investment funds and which methods they use. Then, we will try to understand the reasons for their performance decrease since 2018.

Quant Investment Funds Use Algorithmic Trading

An investment fund collects money from several investors in order to invest it and to make profit. This capital is managed by professionals in more or less risky ways according to criteria beforehand fixed. There are investment

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