DVAX Stock Forecast: Table Is Being Set – Revenue Growth Is On The Way

  The article was written by Amber Zhou, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.

DVAX Stock Forecast

“We believe there’s a great opportunity for Dynavax to contribute to the overall health of the adult population with diabetes”—said Dr. Rob Janssen, chief medical officer of Dynavax.

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  • Competitive Edge and Huge Market Potential from Heplisav-B®
  • Market Doubts about Trial Data of Immuno-Oncology Platform
  • Strong Cash Position from Debt Financing
  • Current I Know First Bullish Forecast For DVAX

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Dynavax Stock Analysis: FDA Approval On The Horizon For DVAX Could Provide Tremendous Upside

This article was written by Zachary Shipman, a financial Analyst at I Know First

Dynavax Stock Analysis 

"If approved, this vaccine could offer a better way to protect people from a chronic infection that can cause cirrhosis of the liver, cancer or death," said Robert Janssen, MD, chief medical officer and vice president of clinical development for Dynavax.


  • Dynavax- Healthcare Development
  • Feasibility of Heplisav- B
  • There is room to take a risk and extract value
  • Conclusion & I Know First Forecast

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