DVAX Stock Forecast: High-risk Player Amidst Potential COVID Vaccine

The Tesla stock forecast was written by Hugh Camiener, Analyst at I Know First. Bachelor of Arts candidate at Columbia University.


  • Dynavax is a commercial state biopharmaceutical company which develops and commercializes vaccines..
  • Dynavax has an FDA approval on their Hepatitis B vaccine, and they have partnered with Sinovac in developing a vaccine for COVID. 
  • The pandemic has caused a significant decline in Dynavax’s revenue, with their net product revenue falling 71% in comparison to Q2 last year.
  • Dynavax’s vaccine partnership with Sinovac has shown positive signs in phase 1 and phase 2 of testing, and their vaccine will be entering phase 3 in Brazil.
  • There is a large amount of volatility in the biopharmaceutical industry; amidst Russia’s self-proclaimed vaccine, Dynavax’s stock fell 9.7%.
  • Dynavax stock forecast remains a high-risk, high reward option..

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