I Know First Reviews Weekly Algorithmic Performance: January 30, 2017

I Know First Reviews

On January 29, 2017, our weekly newsletter was sent out to all our I Know First subscribers, which can be found here. Below, find the I Know First Reviews, highlighting the algorithm’s performance for this past week.

I Know First Reviews

I Know First sends a weekly newsletter every Sunday to all the I Know First subscribers, highlighting the past week’s performance in all the covered financial markets, i.e. equity positions, currencies, and commodities. Additionally, the weekly newsletter includes analysis and updated news reports regarding prominent firms such as Apple, Yahoo, Baidu, and more which our subscribers are able to utilize for their investment strategies. The in-depth analysis is provided by the I Know First financial analysts, who are often times also top rated authors for prominent financial sites such as Seeking Alpha.

In general, the algorithm is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with elements of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms incorporated in it. This means the algorithm creates, deletes, and modifies relationships between different financial assets to optimize its predictive accuracy. Based on the relationships and the latest market data, the algorithm calculates its forecasts. Since the algorithm learns from its previous forecasts and is continuously readjusting the relationships, it adapts quickly to changing market situations.

For a more detailed explanation, regarding the algorithm, click here.

As highlighted in the newsletter, our subscribers had seen superb returns, whether long-term or short-term. Our investors are able to tackle the market head on with all its recent uncertainties and achieve premiums well over those offered by institutional and classic fund managers. For example, on January 29, 2017, we published a 1-year long forecast of our Basic Industry Stocks Package with a bullish signal for Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional ADR  (SID). Within 1 year 10 of the 10 predictions revealed themselves to be correct and SID registered a return of 376.54%.

Package Name: Basic Industry Stocks
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 1 Year (01/28/2016 – 01/28/2017)
I Know First Average: 94.23%

I Know First Weekly Reviews

Every week the top performing financial instruments are highlighted, as shown below from this past week’s newsletter.

1. Top Performing AI Predictions Reach Over 376% Return 
During the past week, I Know First’s self-learning algorithm had forecasted high returns for its algorithmic predictions. The top performing forecasts came from the one-year time frame, with this Basic Industry Stocks forecast having highest return. The forecast had a 100% accuracy and an overall average of 94.23%, with the highest returns reaching 376.54% from SID. Additional high returns came from this Dividend Stocks forecast, which had returns up to 120.62% and an overall average of almost 70%. The AI-based algorithm had as well forecasted high returns from this Small Cap Stocks forecast, with a market premium of 28.79% and returns reaching 92.49%.

2. Short Term Forecasts With Over 32% Return In 3 Days
I Know First’s top 3 day prediction came from this Low PE Fundamental Stocks forecast, with a 100% accuracy and high returns of 25%, 16%, and 12% in just 3 days. Furthermore, investors were able to achieve almost a 10% return from this MLP Stocks forecast, focusing on firms that are structured as a Master Limited Partnership. The self-learning algorithm had as well predicted high returns from this Energy Stocks forecast with over a 32% return from VNR, an O&G based-firm. With a 24.69% return, this Small Cap Stocks forecast had a short-term alpha of 4.13% above the S&P 500 Index.

Package Name: Fundamental – Low P/E Stocks
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 3 Days (01/22/2017 – 01/25/2017)
I Know First Average: 8.02%

I Know First Reviews

3. 7 Day Forecasts Based on Machine Learning Yield Almost 24%
In 7 Days, this Dividend Stocks forecast had over a 13% return, and gave investors an overall average return almost 6%. Additionally, this Transportation Stocks forecast had returns up to 23.99% from TK, in just 7 days. I Know First’s self-learning algorithmic predictions had also yielded high 7 day returns from this Basic Industry Stocks forecast, with returns reaching 13.35%. The forecast as well had a market premium of 4.27%.

Package Name: Dividends
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 7 Days (01/20/2017 – 01/27/2017)
I Know First Average: 5.93%

I Know First Reviews


4. Over 48% Return In 14 Days
This Basic Industry Stocks forecast, was our top 14 day prediction this past week, with a 100% accuracy and an overall return of 10.29%. Additionally, investors seeking an exposure to the energy sector had returns up to 33.33% from this Energy Stocks forecast.  I Know First’s AI-based algorithm had as well forecasted high returns from this 52 Week High Stocks forecast, with returns reaching 48.94% from TGB, a specialty mining company. Those seeking to invest in stocks found in the S&P 500 Index were able to returns of over 14% and an overall market premium of 3.47% above the Index itself, from this S&P 500 Stocks forecast.
Package Name: Basic Industry Stocks
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 14 Days (01/10/2017 – 01/24/2017)
I Know First Average: 10.29%

I Know First Reviews


5. 1 Month AI-Based Algorithmic Predictions Yield Over 68%
The top 1 month forecast came from this Low Short Ratio Fundamental Stocks forecast, giving investors returns of up to 68.24% with TGB. Investors less risk averse were able to achieve a 1 month average return of 11.27%, and returns yielding 56% from this Risk Conscious Stocks forecast. Additionally, this Brazil Stocks forecast had high returns of over 25% and a 14.46% market premium in 1 month

Package Name: Fundamental – Low Short Ratio Stocks
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 1 Month (12/26/2016 – 01/26/2017)
I Know First Average: 13.45%

I Know First Reviews

6. 3 Month Algorithmic Forecasts Reach Over 72% 
With returns up to 72.35%, this Stocks Under 10 Dollars forecast, was I Know First’s top 3 month prediction. The prediction had as well an overall average return of 27.54%. Additionally, this Energy Stocks forecast gave investors a high average of almost 31%, and returns reaching 69.32%. from CVI. Those seeking investments in the banking industry were able to achieve a 51.05% from this Bank Stock Forecast, and an overall forecast average of 30.76%.

Package Name: Stocks Under 10 Dollars
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 3 Months (10/24/2016 – 01/24/2017)
I Know First Average: 27.54%

I Know First Reviews


7. Swing Trading Strategies Reach Over 77% In 1 Year 
I Know First’s algorithmic indicators can be used to backtest various short term trading strategies. The top strategy had yielded up to a 64.79% alpha above the S&P500 Index, from January, 2016 till January 1st, 2017. Read the full trade report for a more detailed analysis with charts and graphs, depicting a high reward to risk payoff with low Betas and high Sharpe Ratios.

I Know First Reviews

Article Summaries

  1. On August 31st, 2016, one of I Know First’s top financial analyst wrote a bullish outlook on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) shares. The analyst explained how AMD’s new efficient GPUs and Radeon business would help propel the stock. The article complimented the bullish forecast by I Know First’s self-learning algorithm. Since then, AMD shares have risen by over 40% to date.
  2. Earlier in January, 2017, I Know First’s AI-based algorithm had predicted a bullish outlook on Tesla Motors (TSLA)’s shares. During the same time, an I Know First analyst wrote on January 11th, 2017, an article on TSLA shares, indicating the long-term value of the firm for its shareholders. Since then, TSLA shares have rose by 10.45% in accordance with the bullish forecast.
  3. Towards the end of 2016, on November 30th, an I Know First analyst wrote a 2017 outlook on Amazon (AMZN) shares. She explained how AMZN will be able to continue to increase its sales and and segment diversification. This outlook was in accordance with a bullish prediction by I Know First’s AI-based algorithm. Since then, AMZN shares have risen by 11.35% to date.