Trends in the Hedge Fund Industry

He Xu  This “Trends in the Hedge Fund Industry” article was written by He Xu – Financial Analyst at I Know First


  • The COVID-19 and inflation, among other variables, may influence the hedge fund movements for the remaining months of 2022.
  • Under the current market volatility, hedge funds performed well.
  • Hedge funds will follow certain trends to achieve continued success, including outsourcing, utilizing technology, and incorporating ESG and digital assets into the portfolio.

A hedge fund is a pooled investment vehicle that trades in relatively liquid assets and has access to a variety of more sophisticated trading, portfolio-building, and risk management strategies in an effort to increase performance. Nowadays, hedge funds must reconsider their tactics for investing and acquiring clients in this environment when COVID-19 and inflation cause volatility for the general people. Wider variation in stock and bond performance as a result of increased market volatility in both the equity and fixed income sectors. Despite this volatility, hedge funds did well. Hedge funds still have a lot to think about as they navigate opportunities and difficulties in 2022.

(Figure 1: Hedge funds solid performance in 2021.)
(Source: HFR, Inc., as of November 30, 2021.)

Hedge Fund Trends

Raising Assets is a Challenge for emerging and start-up Hedge Funds compared with larger firms with track records and ones where audits have been performed at pre-COVID. According to a HedgeWeek survey, capital raising is currently more difficult than it was a year ago for 47% of hedge fund managers with assets under $250 million. Due to COVID-19, smaller firms lack a proven track record as well as on-site contact with a hedge fund, especially when it comes to due diligence.

Despite the fact that there are winners and losers in the hedge fund industry, optimism is still present. Two-thirds of European fund managers surveyed reported that performance matched or above expectations. 84 percent of respondents are also either somewhat or very optimistic about their performance for the remainder of the year.

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is driving up inflation and the cost of living in the United States at unprecedented levels since the early 1980s. With inflation comes investment opportunities for hedge funds. For example, investments in commodities have performed nicely through bullish bets on commodities.

Hedge funds would increase investment in digital assets. 86% of hedge funds currently investing in digital assets planned to deploy more capital into this asset. From an EY Survey, 31% of hedge fund managers intended to include cryptocurrency in their holdings within the next one to two years. In addition, when investing in a hedge fund, more and more investors will consider ESG factors. By advertising ESG funds, there is a chance to draw in investors and gain profits.

In the hedge fund sector, there will be an increase in the number of female managers. Mala Gaonkar and Divya Nettimi, both hedge fund managers, will serve as the respective CEOs of the $1+ billion companies. In addition, the industry benchmark for management fees was 2 percent of total assets and a 20 percent fee for realized gains, but in Q4 2020, hedge funds on average charged 1.4 percent management fees and 16.4 percent performance fees, according to Hedge Fund Research.

There is a trend that hedge funds would fully utilize technology and maximize efficiency in order to remain competitive. For example, hedge funds could use Cloud, AI and many other automated tasks to optimize the process of data analytics, investment research, client communication, and so on. Besides, many functions of hedge funds are being outsourced and COVID-19 accelerated this trend. For instance, service providers in Asia can provide trade reconciliations overnight for US hedge firms.

I Know First in the Hedge Fund Industry

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The trends in hedge funds indicate a mix of upcoming opportunities and difficulties. By reducing the risk associated with market volatility, reducing expenses, embracing digital assets, utilizing our outsourced solutions, and leveraging technology, hedge funds can continue to be successful in 2022.

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