Press Release – I Know First Analyst Featured on Leader Board of SeekingAlpha

Press Release

Motek Moyen Featured on Leader Board of SeekingAlpha

Press Release: SeekingAlpha Opinion Leaders, December 6th, 2016 – Motek Moyen, a senior analyst at I Know First featured on SeekingAlpha's leader board for Most Read Authors in the Last 90 Days. logo-seeking-alpha

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Ford Stock Forecast Based On A Predictive Algorithm

In 2008, the automotive industry went through one of the worst financial crisis seen in decades. Like all the other automakers, Ford (NYSE:F) went through a dramatic slowdown that resulted in a $14.4 billion loss for 2008. Ford, along with Chrysler and General Motors, was on the brink of bankruptcy, as its shares fell

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to new lows. By cutting costs and borrowing as much as they could before the credit collapse, the automobile producer was able to survive the economic downturn without needing a government bailout. By the fiscal year of 2013, Ford had miraculously recovered, <a style="font-weight

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Algorithm Predicts Increase: 11.25% in 14 Days

Frannie Mae & Freddie Mac were top 10 stock picks recommended to I Know First subscribers on June 14th for the 14 day time horizon. FMCC had a strong signal of 90.34 and a predictability of 0.12, and FNMA had a signal of 85.32 and predictability of 0.12. As predicted, FMCC and FNMA reported gains over 10%.