JIAM Fintech Square: I Know First Provides Fintech Solutions for Japanese Asset Management Community

(Source: JIAM Website)

I Know First is proud to be presented at JIAM Fintech Square. JIAM is building awareness of the transformations made by fintech start-ups in the financial industry. It also runs workshops to raise attention on digitalization and build connections. Through collaboration with Japanese government agencies and industry associations, JIAM hopes to connect the Japanese asset management industry with fintech start-ups. As one of the companies presented in JIAM Fintech Square’ s investment intelligence section, I Know First appears to be very competitive

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Press Release: I Know First Selected to Be Part of the First Fintech Showroom in Tokyo, Japan

Press Release: I Know First Selected to Be one of the first Fintech Showroom in Tokyo, Japan

Tel Aviv, Israel, May 29th, 2018 – Location: Tokyo, Japan

I Know First was selected from over 200 + companies to be part of the fintech showroom in Tokyo, Japan on May 23rd, 2018. The showroom event, as well as a housewarming party, were hosted by JIAM (Japan International Asset Management Consortium, where I Know First presented their Algorithmic AI solutions using machine-learning algorithms. As part of the showroom event, I Know First gave a short pitch under 5 minutes followed by a deeper dive and demo if visiting client were interested. JIAM are a not-for-profit organization, which assists international asset management firms, asset management technology firms and talented financial professionals in tapping into the Japanese market. Through collaboration with Japanese government agencies (primarily the Tokyo Metropolitan Government) and industry associations, =&0=&

JIAM FinTech Square (JFS) is an initiative of JIAM, promotes B2B FinTech solutions to asset management firms in Japan. They operate a showroom facility for clients to try and feel various FinTech solutions. Through collaboration with asset owners, asset managers, service providers and consulting firms, their goal is to enhance profitability and efficiency of Japanese asset management industry by leveraging advanced technological solutions, as well as help asset management industry of Japan to achieve higher investment performance and lower servicing and operational cost through

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