eBay Stock Forecast: Competitive as Ever in the World of E-commerce

The article was written by Whitney Su, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • eBay delivered an EPS of $0.67 for Q1 2019, up 26% versus prior year, and it is the fourth consecutive quarter of double-digit EPS expansion. This value is expected to grow with eBay’s plan of share repurchases.
  • eBay's expansion into Japanese and Indian markets will target more users.
  • With a focus on improving the platform’s user-friendliness, eBay is sure to maintain its user base and attract more.
  • I give eBay a bullish long-term forecast given the points above. eBay adjusted its EPS and revenue output for the year given strong Q1 2019 performance. eBay is currently priced at 39.02.

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