Press Release: Successful Meeting Between I Know First and Vilius Šapoka, the Lithuanian Minister of Finance

On June 26, 2019, I Know First C.E.O Yaron Golgher spearheaded a productive meeting with the Lithuanian Minister of Finance, Vilius Šapoka. Not only were both parties enthusiastic about finally completing this highly anticipated meeting, but many productive future prospects were also discussed for both I Know First and the Republic of Lithuania.

Vilius Šapoka
Pictured (not in order): Greta Ranonyte (Chief Specialist of Ministry of Finance of Lithuania), Yaron Golgher (C.E.O of I Know First), Vilius Šapoka.

Although Lithuania only has a population of 2.848 million citizens, it is already recognized by Forbes as “One of the World’s Most Exciting Fintech Hotspots”. They are constantly becoming more advanced in their knowledge of technology and are considered a worldwide power specifically in WealthTech. The vision, which Vilius Šapoka has, is to continue learning and adapting to the newer technologies to ensure that the Republic of Lithuania maintains this prestigious reputation. We, at I Know First, are honored that he has recognized our performance in the European market and has chosen to meet with us during his visit to Israel among the other WealthTech companies in this country.

Pictured: Vilius Šapoka

As a result of this meeting, I Know First will be traveling to the Republic of Lithuania later on this year to start working on a joint venture with the government to provide even better WealthTech solutions regarding the European stock exchange. C.E.O Yaron Golgher, along with the whole team of I Know First, is proud that the Republic of Lithuania has bestowed upon us the honor to prove that our services can be a future catalyst for building even more advanced WealthTech systems.

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