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 I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher chairs a panel on “Algo Trading & Prediction Tools 2019

The iFXO EXPO ASIA the largest business to business financial exposition of its kind was held on the 22nd to 24th January. The exposition brought together a collective of the world’s brightest minds gathered in one place to discuss the hottest industry topics. The panelists consisted of many CEO and industry experts to explore the future solutions of the financial industry. I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher was asked to chair a panel on “Algo Trading & Prediction Tools 2019” pictured above, in the iFX EXPO ASIA.

The above poster are the members of the panel that presented at iFX EXPO. The topic of discussion was focused around the record trading volumes of July 2018 and what the catalysts may be for setting new records in trading volume in 2019 and beyond. In particular a focus on what are key determinant factors to look for driving the crypto market higher or lower in the short term i.e.1 to 6 months and 2. the mid term as in next 6-12 months.

The panel was led by Benoît Brookens III the CEO and Founder of Accrue, a very large database and machine intelligence company that is building the Almanac™ for global event analytics across industries. He is affectionally known as Dr. Big Data and notably participated in the World’s First Data Scientist Summit in 2011.


The exhibition was well attended attracting over 35,000 attendees from across the globe, connecting businesses worldwide. With well over 1,500 different companies choosing to exhibit at this event. I Know First attended as past of the crypto and FinTech track and helped those attending discover more about the rapidly shifting digital asset marketplace. I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher was able to provide a detailed in depth insight into the use of modern prediction tools available to investors.

One of modern prediction tools that was discussed was I Know First’s Artificial Intelligence based algorithmic that provides forecasting solutions for capital markets. The algorithm currently predicts over fifty different global stock exchanges including the Hong Kong stock exchange. In addition, I Know First also provides forecasting for over 52 different currency pairs.

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I Know First, Ltd. is a financial technology company that provides daily investment forecasts based on an advanced, self-learning algorithm. Thus, the company’s algorithm predicts over 10,000 securities (and growing). Thus, it has capabilities to discover patterns in large sets of historical stock market data.

The underlying technology of the algorithm based itself on Artificial Intelligence. It also based itself on machine learning and incorporating elements of artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms. Moreover, the algorithm generates daily market predictions for stocks, commodities, ETF’s, interest rates, currencies, and world indices for the short, medium and long-term time horizons.

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