European Stocks: What is Slowing Down European Economic Growth?

Zhou He This article was written by Zhou He – Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • The European economy is mired in high inflation.
  • The energy crisis is the biggest dilemma facing the EU.
  • The manufacturing PMI in the eurozone fell from 48.4 to 46.4.

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Best European Stocks: Daily Forecast Performance Evaluation Report

Executive Summary

In this stock market forecast evaluation report, we will examine the performance of the forecasts generated by the I Know First AI Algorithm for European stocks which were daily sent to our customers. Our analysis covers the time period from 23 November, 2018 to 23 February, 2020. The corresponding returns distribution of stock filters for European stock universe are shown below:

Chart 1: Performance comparison for Top 5 and Top 10 Signals by Daily Model vs Euronext 100
Chart 2: Hit ratios for Top 5 and Top 10 per time horizons

Best European Stocks Evaluation Highlights:

  • Stocks forecasts that were generated by our Daily Forecast Model obtained positive returns for all time horizons.
  • I Know First succeed to beat Euronext 100 in most time horizons.
  • Every signal group has hit ratios of more than 50% for all time horizons.

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Press Release: Successful Meeting Between I Know First and Vilius Šapoka, the Lithuanian Minister of Finance

On June 26, 2019, I Know First C.E.O Yaron Golgher spearheaded a productive meeting with the Lithuanian Minister of Finance, Vilius Šapoka. Not only were both parties enthusiastic about finally completing this highly anticipated meeting, but many productive future prospects were also discussed for both I Know First and the Republic of Lithuania.

Vilius Šapoka
Pictured (not in order): Greta Ranonyte (Chief Specialist of Ministry of Finance of Lithuania), Yaron Golgher (C.E.O of I Know First), Vilius Šapoka.

Although Lithuania only has a population of 2.848 million citizens, it is already recognized by Forbes as “One of the World’s Most Exciting Fintech Hotspots”. They are constantly becoming more advanced in their knowledge of technology and are

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Press Release: Vilius Šapoka, Lithuania Minister of Finance, Meets I Know First Executives

Vilius Šapoka, the incumbent Minister of Finance in Lithuania, has scheduled a meeting with the executives of I Know First to learn more about the Artificial Intelligence-based algorithm which he may want to implement to help grow their economy. Mr. Šapoka, who is only 40, has achieved incredible feats in his relatively short career and we are very honored that he has chosen to meet with us to discuss major economic trends.

Vilius sapoka
Pictured: Vilius Sapoka

Throughout his career, he has already achieved many great achievements. Mr. Šapoka is the current Minister of Finance in the Republic of Lithuania. For 5 years Mr. Šapoka

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Year-to-Date Worldwide Country ETF Performance Overview

The article was written by Kun Qiu, a Financial Analyst at I Know First.


  • Overall European country ETFs had positive returns in the first 5 months in 2019, among which Greece ranking first with a return of 31.9%
  • American and Chinese country ETFs were negatively influenced by the trade war, but recently both are recovering gradually
  • Other Asian countries replying heavily on Chinese companies’ supply chain may also be affected by Trump-Xi trade war, ETFs of Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore saw the same fluctuation pattern as the one of China

Algorithmic Trading Strategies for European Stocks

In the following, we present an analysis of Algorithmic Trading Strategies for the I Know First “European Stocks Package” which rely upon the algorithm’s daily quantitative predictions and can easily be implemented by I Know First’s retail clients. We show that these strategies result in high performing trading portfolios with:

  • Sharpe ratios reaching 1.7
  • Returns of up to 109% in a 1.5-year time period
  • Portfolios constantly adjusted to the ever-changing market environment identified by the AI system
  • Portfolio statistics that vastly outperform the benchmark

European Strategy Package Analysis

Netflix Stock Analysis: New European Shows and Movies are a Driving Factor for Success

This article was written by David Berger, a Financial Analyst at I Know First and studying Finance at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.

Netflix Stock Analysis: New European Shows and Movies are a Driving Factor for Success


  • European Spending Will Increase Subscription Base
  • High Quality European Content Should Increase Usage
  • Amsterdam Hub Will Boost Local Content

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