Winning WMLP Stock Forecast: Westmoreland Wins More Capital, Continues Capital Restructuring

“Together with our financial and legal advisers we are designing an improved capital structure for Westmoreland Coal and all of our subsidiaries. Our aim is to create a capital structure that better aligns with our cash flow and allows for an improved balance sheet.”

-Gary Kohn, Chief Financial Officer of Westmoreland

Westmoreland Resource Partners (NYSE: WMLP) is a company that produces and sells thermal coal across the US. On May 22, on May 23, 2018, WMLP opened at $1.34 and soared up to $4.55 before closing at $3.94 with a trading volume of over 10 million in comparison to a typical trade volume of only 40,000. While these extreme gains did not last, over the course of the week from May 23 when the forecast was posted to May 30, Westmoreland’s stock rose 52.99% in accordance with the I Know First Algorithm’s bullish prediction for the stock over this time horizon.  

(Source: Yahoo Finance)

Westmoreland Resource Partners’ sudden surge was the result of an announcement on May 22 by its parent company, Westmoreland Coal, that the company had secured $110 million in financing. This money comes from a group of creditors which already held ~79% of its term loan and senior secured notes. This money will go towards providing additional liquidity as well as the repayment of other loans which will allow Westmoreland to simplify its capital structure which will contribute to its future success. The company has faced many financial struggles recently, so hopefully this new capital will allow them to more time to restructure and give the company a greater potential to succeed.


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Westmoreland Resource Partners, LP, (NYSE: WMLP) formerly Oxford Resource Partners, LP, incorporated on August 7, 2007, is a producer and marketer of thermal coal to the United States utilities and industrial users, and a producer of surface mined coal in Ohio. The Company markets coal to electric utilities with coal-fired, base-load scrubbed power plants under long-term coal sales contracts. Its reserves and operations serve its market area of the Midwest, Northeast and Rocky Mountain regions of the United States. The Company operates approximately 20 active surface mines and manages these mines as mining complexes located in eastern Ohio and Wyoming. The Company’s Ohio mining facilities include approximately two preparation plants, both of which receive, wash, blend, process and ship coal produced from its mines. The Company’s operating subsidiaries include Oxford Mining Company, LLC, Oxford Mining Company-Kentucky, LLC, Westmoreland Kemmerer, LLC, Westmoreland Kemmerer Fee Coal Holdings, LLC and Harrison Resources, LLC.