Winning MCF Stock Forecast: Insider Trading Indicates Significant Undervaluation

 “We’ve had quite a bit success over the last 12 months especially on the operations side.” — Allan Keel, CEO of Contango Oil & Gas Company.

Contango Oil & Gas Company (NYSE: MCF) is an independent oil and natural gas company which engages in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas properties in Mexico and the United States. On June 12, I Know First algorithm issued a bullish 14-day forecast for MCF to June 26. The forecast illustrated a signal of 14.17 and a predictability of 0.21.  In accordance with this bullish forecast, MCF stock returned 33.71% over this time horizon, highlighting the accuracy of I Know First’s prediction.

MCF stock jumped by 40.71% since June 8 and closed at $5.91 on June 19, drawing interest from investors and traders. Contango’s rally after being in a downtrend since entering this year may be the result of recent insider stock trading. John Goff, a major Fort Worth-based real estate investor of the company, and his three related investment funds have entered into a series of transactions to buy a substantial position since June 5, 2018. According to the SEC filings, Goff and his family holdings bought more than 4.8 million shares valued at more than $25 million through five consecutive transactions up to June 26. It is reported that the purchase is based on the belief that the stocks were significantly undervalued at the time of purchase. The purpose of the transaction is to invest and to influence the company’s management and operations. Consistent with this purpose, Goff will seek to engage in discussions with the company’s shareholders, board of directors and management team about its operations, assets, business strategy, corporate governance and financial condition.

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