Stock Predictions: Up To 34.92% Return In 1 Year

Stock Predictions: Conservative Stocks

This conservative investment strategy is part of the "Risk-Conscious" package, as one of I Know First's quantitative investment solutions. We determine our conservative stock picks by screening our database daily for lower volatility stocks that are less risky. The full Risk-Conscious Package includes a daily forecast for a total of 40 stocks with four main categories:

  • top ten conservative stocks to short
  • top ten conservative stocks to long
  • top ten aggressive to short
  • top ten aggressive stocks to long
Recommended Positions: Long

24 07 2013 10 48 51 Best Investments Based on Algorithms: 8.19% Gain in 14 DaysForecast Length: 1 Year (12/24/2013 – 12/24/2014)

I Know First Average: 18.06%

Get the "Risk-Conscious" Package.  Conservative (dec 25) one year