Gilead Stock Forecast: Can Pricing Pressure and Competition Stop Gilead’s 5-year Bull Run?

reuben 2Reuben Bor is a Financial Analyst Intern at I Know First
  • Gilead Sciences has returned over 330% to shareholders in the past 5 years
  • Merck has released a rival Hepatitis C drug that is substantially cheaper than Gilead’s Harvoni
  • Massachusetts’s Attorney General has threatened the company with legal action concerning the company’s pricing policies
  • Gilead Stock 2016 Outlook
GILD stock analysis

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GILD Stock Analysis: Gilead Sciences Is Still Undervalued (GILD)

  • Gilead Sciences’ stock price has increase over 19% so far this year due to its extremely successful hepatitis C drug solutions.gild stock analysis
  • There is some concern about sales growth for these drugs going forward, but they are overblown.
  • There is upside potential for the stock in the hepatitis B market, made evident by recent events.
The continued success of the HCV drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni and the possibility of a deal to enter into the HBV market make the stock bullish during the rest of the year. At this price level, I Know First algorithm is bullish on Gilead Sciences.


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