Ford Stock: Even With Poor February Results, Ford Is Still Bullish

Summary Of Seeking Alpha Article

  • Ford’s sales in February unexpectedly fell, causing the stock price to fall, but I Know First remains bullish for the long stock
  • The company’s efforts in Europe are taking shape, as sales rose in January and it opened a new plant in Valencia that will improve capacity.
  • Increased capacity will have a similar effect in China for Ford, where sales growth will be massive.
  • The company is clearly undervalued using basic figures, and algorithmic analysis agrees that the company is bullish for long-term investors.

Algorithmic Analysis

The signal strengths in the forecasts are very bullish for Ford, as they are dark green and included in the top dividend stock picks. Ford is strongly bullish. Now is a good time to buy into the company for long-term investors, as the company's low valuation, promising progress in Europe, and ramped up sales of the F-150 in the second half of the year will drive the stock price higher.

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Ford Stock Forecast For 2015 Based On A Predictive Algorithm


  • Ford Motor Company, an American ford stock forecastmultinational automaker that is America’s second-largest in terms of size, and the world’s fifth-largest in terms of sales, is well-known around the world.
  • While Ford is generally well-regarded, recent events in Russia and Venezuela have resulted in Ford’s Q4 profitability dropping, and have prevented Ford’s European operations from breaking even in 2015.
  • Though this may be interpreted as problematic, analysts still recommend holding on to Ford; Ford’s fundamentals remain strong.
  • I Know First algorithm predicts a strongly bullish forecast for Ford in the one-month and three-month time frames.

Company Profile

The Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is an American multinational automaker that's become a household name, and for due cause. Incorporated in 1903, the company has been selling commercial and luxury cars for quite some time, and has also, on occasion, produced tractors and automotive components. While it has been involved in several industries, then, Ford is most renowned for being an automaker - in the U.S., it is second to only General Motors in terms of size, and is the fifth-largest in the world based on 2010 vehicle sales.

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