Press Release: I Know First Selected to Present at Israeli Fintech Roadshow in Japan

Press Release

Press Release: Tel Aviv, Israel, October 31st, 2017 – Israeli Fintech Roadshow, Location: Japan

“Israeli Fintech Roadshow to Japan”

I Know First was selected to present at the Israeli Fintech Roadshow in Japan, with the cooperation of the Kansai Economic Federation, Keihanna Research Complex, Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, NTT Data, and the Financial Services Agency of Japan.


Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder & CEO of I Know First, delivered his presentation on the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence based algorithmic forecasting solutions for the financial markets.

Throughout the roadshow which went from October 22nd through October 25th in Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, I Know First along with other Israeli Fintech companies, gave presentations and pitches to major and regional Japanese banks and IT firms.

The goal of this Israeli Fintech delegation was to introduce some of the most exciting and promising Fintech ventures to the Japanese market, a market known for being very forward thinking technologically and financially.

This event is just another example of I Know First’s active effort to expand into the Japanese market. I Know First expects to apply the same strategy and success achieved within the Brazilian markets to the Japanese markets.

For more information on this event visit the Israeli Fintech Roadshow to Japan.

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I Know First, Ltd. is a financial technology company that provides daily investment forecasts based on an advanced, self-learning algorithm. Thus, the company’s algorithm predicts over 3,000 securities (and growing). Thus, it has capabilities to discover patterns in large sets of historical stock market data.

The underlying technology of the algorithm based itself on Artificial Intelligence. It also based itself on machine learning and incorporating elements of artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms. Moreover, the algorithm generates daily market predictions for stocks, commodities, ETF’s, interest rates, currencies, and world indices for the short, medium and long-term time horizons.

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