Stock forecast: 45.5% gain in 90 days

Stock Forecast Algorithm: Updated algorithm Performance (February 24 2013 )

Updated algorithm performance: These are the current top 20 best predictable equities by 14 days predictability.
This performance is based on the last 120 days predictions,

There is daily parameter that indicating the forecast performance: the predictability.

The "strength" of the prediction is the Predictability P, which ranges theoretically between minus 1 to plus 1. This metric is an adaptation of the Pearson correlation coefficient. Negative P means the actual market move was the opposite of prediction. Zero P means no correlation between the prediction and the actual

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European stock markets: Daily forecast based on a predictive algorithm

Daily forecast for European stock markets based on predictive algorithm.
We are constantly adding new stocks to our prediction database. We have recently expanded the range of the stocks in our system to include many European, international and multinational stocks.

Here’s the partial list:

FTSE index DAX index CAC index STOXX 50 index IBEX index ADP Automatic Data Processing, Inc. AEG AEGON N.V. AHONY Koninklijke Ahold N.V. AIXG Aixtron SE AKZOY

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Gold forecast: 8.7% drop in 3 months

Gold forecast and the prediction for the major commodities: Crude Oil , Silver and XAU/XAG based on "I Know First" Algorithm.

The forecast date: November 23 2012 (before market opening).
Time horizon of the forecast: 90 trading days from  November 23  2012 – February 23 2013.
The forecast includes prediction  for:

Crude Oil price direction Gold price direction. Silver price direction XAU/XAG

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AAPL stock forecast: 5.1% drop in 14 days

AAPL stock forecast and the predictions for Microsoft  and Amazon from February 10 2013 (before market opening) based on "I Know First" predictive algorithm.
Time horizon of the forecast: 14 trading days from February 10 2013-February 24 2013.

Get daily forecast for Microsoft .Google, Apple  & S&P 500

Apple stock forecast for today

 AAPL stock forecast for the next 14 days


Commodities forecast: 14.5% in 90 days

Stock forecasting: 33.4% gain in 3 months

World indices forecast: 26.5% gain in 3 months

World indices forecast from November 15 2012 (before market opening) based on "I Know First" algorithm.

The stock forecast includes predictions for:

The top 10 world indices

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