Zillow Stock Analysis: Buy Zillow Ahead Of Massive Growth (Z)

Zillow Stock Analysis: Summary

  • Zillow’s stock price has tumbled since the acquisition of Trulia was completed in February.zillow stock analysis
  • Recent information reveals that the company is working hard to integrate the new company into its current offerings.
  • The increased size and scale of the company will give it the ability to dominate the growing online real estate market in the future.
  • The stock will provide solid returns in 2015 before massive gains in 2016 and beyond.

Zillow (NASDAQ:Z) provides real estate and home-related information on the Internet and through a mobile app. The company is the largest in this field and recently completed the acquisition of the second largest such company, Trulia, in February. Although the stock price peaked the day after the acquisition was completed, it has fallen over 25% since then.


The recent fall of Zillow’s stock price is understandable, but the company is now undervalued. With a strong market position in a field that will grow rapidly in the next few years, this growth stock provides great upside potential to investors. When Trulia is fully integrated into the company, it will be the indisputable place to go for real estate solutions on the Internet. Add in continued growth in mobile, as well as its ability to add more MLS listings in the future, and the company’s stock is set to skyrocket next year with solid returns until then. At this price level, The I Know First algorithm is bullish on Zillow.

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