Did You Know? Using Big Data For Forecasting

Find the Next Big Trend

We are active in patent mining and forecasting emerging technology trends in the fields of pharmaceuticals, energy storage, and superconductor technology. We monitor patents filed and track the evolution of concepts. We predict inventions!

We track the number of patents and their quality in different patent classes with time and analyze the data, using algorithms that model the interaction between competing approaches, and project the future trajectory of the given approach in the multidimensional space of other approaches.

Extracting Meaning from Big Data

We are constantly finding new uses for our algorithms. We scan the bigger web data storage warehouses and the social networks. Our algorithms automatically filter and combine different snippets of big data from seemingly unrelated fields into a new coherent and actionable information that is organized in tables. The tables are then fed into our algorithms for further processing.

The regular data mining techniques don’t work with big data – there is too much of it.

Advanced Algorithms

We use advanced algorithms and computer modeling to:

  • forecast the raise and fall of technology trends,
  • forecast demand for goods and services,
  • manage resources.
  • No Assumptions Approach

The old way of data analysis: Use prior observations to make rules that predict the future. This does not work anymore!

The new world we live in is too dynamic to rely on the past rules. It requires constantly retesting assumptions and creating new rules on the fly that take into account the changing circumstances while preserving the past knowledge..

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