Quick Win By The Algorithm: XOMA Reaches Agreement with Novartis, Stock Soars

Quick Win By The Algorithm

On August 22nd, 2017, I Know First issued a bullish 14-day forecast for XOMA Corporation (NASDAQ: XOMA). The forecast showed a signal of 5.54 and a predictability of 0.12. As a result, in accordance with the forecast, the company’s stock produced a return of 113.79% over this period, solidifying another quick win by the I Know First algorithm.

quick win

XOMA Corporation discovers, develops, and commercializes antibody-based therapeutics in the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The company’s product candidates include X358, a human negative allosteric modulating insulin receptor antibody; X213, a allosteric inhibitor for the treatment of prolactinoma and anti-psychotic-induced hyperprolactinemia; and X129, a potent fragment of a monoclonal antibody for the treatment of patients with acute severe hypoglycemia.


quick win

For most of 2017, XOMA has been labeled as a “buy”. With professional investors citing that the company’s proprietary technology had potential to be “transformational”. The stock had increased slightly for 2017, as it started on $4.22 on January and was at $7.54 at the time of our bullish forecast. After the forecast the stock soared mightily reaching $16.03 at market close on September 6th.

The reason for such a massive increase was an announcement by XOMA in which they stated that they reached a licensing agreement with Novartis. The deal afforded XOMA the opportunity to pay off 50% of its total outstanding debt to an entity called Les Laboratoires Servier. A 50% reduction in outstanding debt is a big deal for any company at this end of the biotechnology sector and dramatically reduces the risk that the company is asking a shareholder to take on when they pull the trigger on an exposure. In addition, having Novartis on their side opens many opportunities in the healthcare industry.

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