I Know First Internship Opportunities

Gain experience in startup research, branding, marketing and design.

I Know First is a dynamic start-up company in Tel Aviv that uses an algorithm to forecast over 1,400 markets including stocks, world indices, ETF’s, currencies, and commodities. This internship offers one of two opportunities. Immerse yourself in the world of analyzing financial markets, algorithmic performance, market research and business development strategies. Second is a marketing strategist position working towards the development and execution of marketing strategies, management of social media, development of an advertising strategy, and management of client relations.

Current Internship Opportunities

1) Business Development & Research Analyst:
→ Research & analysis of financial markets (analyzing data/ writing articles)
→ Analysis of algorithmic performance (intern will be taught how to do analysis)
→ Development of general business strategies

Requirements → General knowledge about the financial markets and proficiency with Excel

2) Marketing Strategist:
→ Development of marketing strategies
→ Management of social media outreach (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
→ Development of advertising campaign

Requirements → Proficiency in social media

Please send your CV to [email protected]

About us:

I Know First, based in the heart of Tel Aviv, is a financial startup company that uses an algorithm to forecast stocks, world indices, currencies, and commodities. Dr. Lipa Roitman, a scientist with over 20 years of experience in data processing and advanced computation, developed this pioneering algorithm; he utilizes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, and Genetic Algorithms in order for the algorithm to continuously evolve and improve itself. Our service provides savvy individuals with the powerful investment tools available, as of yet, only to large investment banks and hedge funds for a fraction of the cost.

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