Home Depot Stock Forecast: Home Depot Builds Momentum

Home Depot Stock Forecast: Summary

  •  This stock is considered bullish because of its rising revenues which beat the industry average and its strong ROE
  • home depotHome Depot’s broad customer base helps it survive economic fluctuations by attracting a variety of end-users
  • The growth of the housing market transforms into revenue growth for home improvement retailers
  • A quiet, steady recovery from their data breach has caused prices to gradually rise.


After weathering the recent recession and a major data breach, The Home Depot Inc. (HD) has continued to pull impressive numbers on all measures of financial health. Their stock price has been on the rise since 2012, and it shows no sign of slowing down. With a customer base consisting of Do-It-Yourselfers, Do-It-For-Me’s, and professionals, The Home Depot serves a wide array of customers who ensure a steady stream of revenue through various economic ebbs and flows.

The recent strengthening of the housing market has unquestionably helped boost share prices. Coinciding with the rise in activity in the housing market, The Home Depot’s net income rose 14.5% from 2014’s Q4 to 2015’s Q1.  Impressively, this rise in net income comes on the heels of a major data breech effecting some 56 million consumers.  Home Depot is still dealing with the windfall of the breech, but they have skillfully implemented solutions that allow their company to continue to thrive.  The slow and steady reestablishment of the housing market coupled with the competent management team leading The Home Depot points their stock in a positive direction which mirrors I Know First’s most bullish algorithmic forecast.

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