Bullish On Intel: Fundamental And Algorithmic Analysis Summary


  • Intel’s revenues are still driven by success in computer hardware, and contra revenues were generated in 2014 in the tablet market.Bullish On Intel
  • 2014 was a good year, despite 2013’s gloomy performance: the company’s overall revenue was of $55.9B, up 6% from 2013.
  • Intel’s share price gained strong momentum in 2014, with a DCF analysis projecting $40/share.
  • I Know First’s algorithm predicts a bullish forecast for Intel in the 1-month and 3-month time frames.

According to I Know first algorithms, Intel is among the best stocks to long in the 3-month forecast. In the 1-month forecast, investors are even more bullish, where Intel enters the top stocks to long, sending a strong signal to the market about Intel’s potential for growth, and the high returns of the semiconductors market as a whole. Intel’s processor line is still a strong technology, and its fabrication technology is the best in the world. Although it has not produced significant innovations in the last few years, and at the same time wasting quite a few great opportunities along the way, its PC Client Group is still a predominant driverfor its revenues, and Intel has looked into new ways to expand the business and gain market share in the Tablet and Smartphone market

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