Blackberry Stock Predictions: Why BlackBerry Holds Long-Term Value For Investors

Summary: Blackberry Stock Predictions

  • BlackBerry now offers their BBM Protected messaging service at a $29.99 premium.
  • The general public is concerned and frustrated at the lack of solutions for privacy in their web browsing and messaging.Blackberry Stock Predictions
  • BBM Protected should be a free part of any BlackBerry mobile devices, thus promoting phone sales and encouraging iOS and Android users to switch.
  • Bullish algorithmic analysis contradicts the currently bearish analysts’ forecasts.

BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) has much potential. As a brand that was linked with security and privacy – in today’s post-Edward Snowden era – it could take full advantage of the widespread demand for a device which could give users that security. In fact, even the illusion of being more secure with BlackBerry phones relative to other phones, will ultimately be a game changer. BBM Protected is BlackBerry’s triple layer security messenger, which is currently only available for a fee. It is currently the highest grade of security available on market smartphones for this form of communication.

Algorithmic Analysis

BlackBerry just hit a 9-month low at $8.80, and as of now is trading at around $8.90. Analysts on both Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch are bearish regarding BlackBerry. The market forecast self-learning algorithm at I Know First contradicts this bearish outlook on BBRY. The prediction engine says BBRY has one of the strongest Buy signals for the 1-year horizon. The positive +53.79 algorithmic signal says BBRY is currently undervalued, and bottom numbers 0.1 indicates it has a high probability of going up in price over this period. The 3-month forecast is also bullish.

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