BlackBerry Is A Risky Fruit


  • BlackBerry stock price is inconsistent with earnings and growth, making BBRY a hard stock to maneuver.
  • Optimal trading over the last 12 months would have yielded a staggering 232% return.
  • Algorithmic forecast supporting a fundamental breakdown of the stock’s price fluctuations.

The BlackBerry Market

BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY) was a world leader in smartphones, and then it vanished. The company’s US user base, once 21 million, dropped to just 9 million in 2013; this fall was so dramatic that in 2014, it had CNN flagging BlackBerry as one of the US’ six most endangered brands. Recently, BBRY took action to resolve this issue. The company signed a licensing deal with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) in June 2014; which, if properly implemented, will boost BlackBerry app count from a paltry 130,000, to somewhere in the region of 300,000. However, analysts choose to remain on the sidelines while these big changes are happening.

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