I Know First Reviews Weekly Algorithmic Performance: November 13, 2016

I Know First Reviews

On November 13th, 2016, our weekly newsletter was sent out to all our I Know First subscribers, which can be found here. Below, find the I Know First Reviews, highlighting the algorithm’s performance for this past week.

I Know First Reviews

I Know First sends a weekly newsletter every Sunday to all the I Know First subscribers, highlighting the past week’s performance in all the covered financial markets, i.e. equity positions, currencies, and commodities. Additionally, the weekly newsletter includes analysis and updated news reports regarding prominent firms such as well Apple, Yahoo, Baidu, and more. The I Know First algorithm maintains a bullish stance of the firms analyzed, and our subscribers are able to utilize these tools for their investment strategies. The in-depth analysis is provided by the I Know First financial analysts, who are often times as well top rated authors for prominent financial sites such as Seeking Alpha.

In general, the algorithm is made up of a system that is a predictive stock forecast algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with elements of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms incorporated in it. This means the algorithm is able to create, modify, and delete relationships between different financial assets. Based on the relationships and the latest market data, the algorithm calculates its forecasts. Since the algorithm learns from its previous forecasts and is continuously adapting the relationships, it adapts quickly to changing market situations.

For a more detailed explanation, regarding the algorithm, click here.

As highlighted in the newsletter, our subscribers had seen superb returns, whether long-term or short-term. Our investors are able to tackle the market head on with all its recent uncertainties, and achieve premiums well over those offered by institutional and classic fund managers. For example, our state of the art algorithm tracks Fundamental stocks, on November 13, 2016, a 3 day long forecast was published. Within the span of 3 Days, DryShips Inc. (DRYS) gave returns of 195.65%. The algorithm had predicted 9 out 10 stocks correctly in a bullish manner, for the 3 day time horizon.

Best Short Term Stocks to Buy

Every week the top performing financial instruments are highlighted, as shown below from this past week’s newsletter.

1. Returns Reaching 195.67% Occur Post U.S. Elections In 3 Days
The most impressive returns over the past week had been 3 day forecasts, with the best being this Fundamentals Stock forecast that had an overall average return of 33.41% in 3 days. The top performing stock in this package was DryShips Inc. (DRYS) at 195.65%, almost quadrupling your return in 3 days. During the same time frame, this Small Cap Stock forecast as well had superb returns at 29.03%, with an alpha of 27.49% over the S&P 500 Index. Furthermore, our Aggressive Stocks had excellent performance in 3 days, with this Aggressive forecast reaching 198.25% return and an overall average of 28.19%. This Top 10 Stocks forecast, which tracks companies with a market cap over $2 billion, had beat the index itself with a 9.86% overall return and 9.80% market premium in 3 days.

2. 7 Day Forecasts Almost Quadruple Returns 
The 7 day forecast with the highest return was this Fundamental Stocks forecast, which saw returns reaching 196.30% and an overall forecast average of 33.21%. The AI-based algorithm had as well successfully forecast high returns for this long Transportation Stocks forecast, that saw an average market premium of 20% and returns reaching over 196% in 7 days. Furthermore, this Risk-Conscious Stocks forecast had as well superb returns that achieved an overall average of 23.28% and individual stock returns reaching almost 197%.

3. Almost 115% Return In 14 Days
With stocks reaching a return of  114.41% and an overall average of almost 18%, this Fundamentals Stocks forecast was the top performing 14 day forecast. I Know First’s state of the art algorithm had as well successfully forecasted the highest returns from amongst investment-guru Warren Buffett’s entire stock portfolio. The Warren Buffett Portfolio forecast had seen returns reach 9.73% in 14 days. Additionally, this Basic Industry Stocks forecast had achieved over a 10% market premium above the S&P 500 Index, and had returns reach 26.45% from commodity based firms.

4. Monthly Returns Near 88% Returns 
These two long forecasts had reached excellent overall returns in 1 month, with the highest returns from this Fundamentals Stock forecast at 87.93% and an overall average of 15.33%. This 1 month European Stock Forecast had as well achieved high returns with a market premium of 11.45% and returns reaching 85.07%.

5. ROI More Than Doubles In 3 Months
The highest performing forecast for the 3 month period, came from this Fundamental Stocks forecast tracking low P/E Stocks, which saw returns reach almost 123% and an overall average of 29.23%. Additionally, this long & short Energy Stocks forecast had high returns as well, with the long position achieving returns at almost 112% and the short position with returns at 46.48%. The overall returns for these positions were 22.65% and 11.97%, respectively.

6. Yearly Returns Reach Over 177%
Our 1 year forecasts had excellent returns this week, with this Energy Stocks forecast having the highest returns reaching a market premium of 50.21% and returns at 177.45%. Furthermore, this Basic Industry Stock forecast had an overall average of 42.68% and stocks reaching 157.48%. In 1 year, this Tech Stocks forecast had an overall average of 34.18% and returns reaching almost 100%.

7. Swing Trading Strategies Reach Almost 70%
I Know First’s short-term trading strategies had reached a 62.76% alpha above the S&P 500 Index’s return of 6.84% from January 2016 till the end of October 2016. Read the full report for a more detailed analysis with charts and graphs, depicting a high reward to risk payoff with low Betas and high Sharpe Ratios.

Article Summaries

  1. Earlier this year, a few of our top analysts wrote bullish articles regarding Nvidia Co., which was in accordance with bullish signals forecasted by I Know First’s state of the art algorithm.  On April 11th, 2016, our analyst explained that Nvidia shares would rise since the firm has been diversifying its product line and has been experiencing overall growth. Additionally, on January 13th, 2016, an I Know First analyst explained how Nvidia’s Tegra SoCs are the most powerful processors to run Android OS, and as a result this will act as a catalyst for NVDA’s revenues, thus propelling their stock price. Lastly, on June 22nd, 2016, another analyst had reaffirmed the bullish position on NVDA shares, explaining that their investment into research & development for GPU accelerated AI computing platforms will soon payoff as technology giants such as Apple Inc. will begin uses the GPUs in their own hardware. I Know First’s algorithm had been bullish on NVDA shares during all three occasions. As a result, NVDA shares after both bullish forecasts by 146%, 90%, and 86%, respectively.
  2. Prior to Netflix Inc.’s Q3 2016 announcements an I Know First analyst had wrote a bullish article in accordance with I Know First’s AI-based algorithm. On September 15th, 2016, the analyst had explained that as a result of NFLX’s international expansion, top-line growth over the past ten-years, and consumer demand change; that NFLX shares will continue to rise over the coming months. The algorithm had as well forecasted a bullish outlook on NFLX, and as a result NFLX shares have risen 18% to date.
  3. On June 2nd, 2016, both I Know First’s state of the art algorithm and an I Know First analyst had forecasted a long-term bullish outlook on Micron Technologies Inc. Both the rebound in the PC and mobile phone markets along with the mass successfully deployment of the 20nm technology were acting catalyst that positively impacted MU’s share price, as explained by the analyst. Since then, MU shares have risen by 35%, in accordance with the bullish forecast by our state of the art algorithm.