XLNX Stock Forecast: Why Xilinx Is A Great Value Stock


  • Xilinx’s stock price has fallen over the last xlnx stock newsyear because of stagnant revenue growth, largely due to unforeseen headwinds.
  • The company’s product offerings and financial health are incredibly strong, however, and revenue growth should begin by 2017 at the latest.
  • Management has emphasized the company’s priority of returning value to shareholders, and recently increased the dividend for the 10th straight year.
  • We believe that now is a perfect time to buy shares in the semiconductor company.

The recent fall of the stock price is only because of current market headwinds, and Xilinx’s financial health and business plan are both exceedingly strong. What makes the company truly attractive to investors, though, is its solid commitment to returning value to its shareholders. The company’s executive team continues to stress this importance whenever given the chance, and its confidence in its future means the company is sure to continue to increase its dividend and further increase its shareholders’ value.

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