Winning Stock Forecast: RGEN Gains 15.8% in 14 Days

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Over the period of June 16th to June 30th, Repligen Corporation (RGEN) stocks prices jumped by 15.8% in 14 days in agreement with the bullish I Know First forecast. Repligen is an American company devoted to the development and production of materials used in the manufacture of biological drugs. The company is the leading manufacturer of Protein A affinity ligands, a critical component of Protein A resins that are used to separate and purify monoclonal antibody therapeutics. Their ATF (alternating Tangential Flow) systems and growth factor products are used to increase product yield during the fermentation stage of biologic drug manufacturing. In addition, it developed and markets an innovative line of “ready-to-use” chromatography columns that are delivered pre-packed with customers choices of resin. These products are fundamental to building drugs and manufacturing them with quality and consistency on a large scale.


On June 17th, Repligen Corporation (NASDAQ: RGEN) rose by 5.14%. At current price of $78.03, the shares added 3.81 points from its previous close of $74.22. On the same day, director Karen A. Dowes sold 1,295 shares of the firm’s stock. The shares were sold at an average price of $77.35, for a total value of $100,168.25.

This major rise came as several institutional investors and hedge funds made changes to their positions in RGEN after a number of analyst reports upgraded their ratings on RGEN shares. Indeed, Repligen Q1 2019 report published on May 9th showed positive results with bullish signals. The return on equity went up by 1.5 points in two weeks by hitting 3.50%. Repligen Corporation reached a total market cap of $4063.72, increasing by 2.4 points, while it’s revenue for the quarter was up 35.3% compared to the same quarter last year. During the same period last year, the company earned $0.17 earnings per share. Analysts are predicting earnings per share growth of 25.0% over the next five years. Repligen Corporation has had earnings per share growth of -5.90% over the past five years.

Inter alia, Lord Abbett & CO. LLC increased its position in Repligen by 286.3% during the 4th quarter. Enlightenment Research LLC purchased a new position in the company valued at $42,000. Millennium Management LLC acquired a new stake in shares in Q4 worth approximately $11,021,000. Finally, Prudential Financial Inc. grew its holdings in share of Repligen by 173.4% in the same period. 84.90 % of the stock is now owned by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

Top 5 Holders of Institutional Holdings (source : NASDAQ)
Top 5 Holders of Institutional Holdings (source : NASDAQ)

The upward movement of the stock was not without warning as, on June 16th, I Know First issued a 14-day forecast for RGEN with a bullish signal of 1.01 and a predictability indicator of 0.12. Indeed, RGEN gained a remarkable 15.80% in the corresponding time horizon. The forecast referenced in this article was issued as part of the Biotech Stocks package.

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