Winning Stock Forecast: High Q2 Expectations Drive BOOM Price

“Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble”
-Warren Buffet

(Source: DMC Global Inc.)

DMC Global Inc. (NASDAQ: BOOM) is a technology company that operates businesses in energy, industrial and infrastructure markets. Incorporated on August 15, 1997, the company’s main segments are NobelClad and DynaEnergetics. Nobelclad produces explosion welded clad metal plates and DynaEnergetics markets and sells oilfield perforating equipment.

On April 9, I Know First Algorithm gave a bullish 3 month forecast for BOOM, assigning a signal of 52.73 and a predictability of 0.48. Since this forecast, BOOM returned up to 80.54%.

BOOM Price (Source: YCharts)

Why has Boom hiked so much? Well, it’s mostly due to investors high expectations for Q2 2018.

Excellent Q1 2018

On April 26th, the company released their financial reports for the first quarter. As evident, DMC crushed expectations. Some notable achievements from this quarter were revenue increasing by 72.77%, Cash sky rocketing by 113.0%, and EPS increasing to $0.26, more than double estimates. The company thanked investments and strong execution by the operating team for the strong financial. This is shown by DynaEnergetics and Nobel Clad sales increasing by 32% and 5%, respectively.

Investors are hopeful for Q2 and YCharts is estimating EPS to increase YoY by 987.5% to $0.4350. With a growth rate of 20%, there is solid prospects for the upcoming quarter. Furthermore, the company raised its sales forecast by more than $15 million.

On June 15, DMC Global declared a $0.02 dividend per share. The quarterly cash dividend is payable on July 16, 2018 to cash holders from June 30, 2018.

On April 9th, I Know First Algorithm gave a bullish 3 month forecast on DMC Global Inc. (NASDAQ: BOOM). The Forecast shows a signal of 52.73 and a predictability of 0.48. In agreement with the forecast, BOOM has returned 80.54% over the 3 month period, demonstrating the accuracy of the I Know First Algorithm.

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