Winning Stock Forecast: OPK Returns 30.46% in 7 Days, Fueled by Future Drug Expectations

“Scientific advancement should aim to affirm and to improve human life.”

– Nathan Deal

(Source: Cleveland Clinic)

OPKO Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: OPK) is a diversified healthcare company. Incorporated on November 18, 1991, the company’s segments include pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and corporate. The company’s pharmaceutical operations are in Chile, Mexico, Ireland, Israel, and Spain.

On July 5, I Know First Algorithm gave a bullish 7 day forecast for OPK. Since then, the stock has returned up to 30.46%.


Why did OPK see this sudden rise in stock price? It seems that investors are expecting high results from the company’s treatments.

Opko Hopeful Treatments

A large expectation for future growth comes from the company’s drug Rayaldee, a SHPT treatment. In Q1, the drug grew by 730% YoY. The company is working to expand sales, which would increase revenue and market share substantially. As the CEO stated, “Rayaldee market penetration appears to be accelerating”.

On June 6th, the company stated it is initiating a Phase 2 clinical trial for Rayaldee to study the treatment for stage 5 chronic kidney disease. If it successfully enters into Phase 3 testing, OPK will see a substantial hike in price. If approved, the company would see great revenue.

The company has many drugs in trial which could spell growth. For instance, their hGH-CTP is in Phase 3. In this partnership with Pfizer, the treatment is looking to help with growth hormones. Also, the Phase 2 study for SARM, a drug that treats BPH, has seen significant success in increasing body mass. The company fully expect to complete testing by the end of 2018. Both these drugs passing FDA approval would be huge for the company and stock price.

On July 5th, I Know First AI Algorithm gave a bullish 7 day forecast on Opko Health, Inc.  (NASDAQ: ENDP). The Forecast shows a signal of 30.46% and a predictability of 0.11. In agreement with the forecast, OPK has returned 30.46% over the 7 day period, demonstrating the accuracy of the I Know First Algorithm.

On July 5th, I Know First Algorithm gave a bullish 7 day forecast for OPK. Since this forecast, the stock has returned 30.46%.

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