Why Nadella Will Lead Microsoft In The Right Direction Part II

CEO Satya Nadella made a strong impression on analysts when he made his appearance in front of analysts for the first time. Shares of Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) are up around 8% since Nadella became CEO. So far analysts and investors have welcomed his vision and strategies to transform Microsoft.

With the goal of diversifying Microsoft’s offerings from the traditional PC based Windows business to directing more focus on mobile and cloud based computing, he is positioning the company to be in pace with competitors such as Apple (AAPL) or Google (GOOG), (GOOGL). Nadella made it clear that it’s important to see the company with a fresh view to know the realities and future opportunities. This new mobile-first and cloud-first direction is exactly the mindset that Microsoft needs to innovate for the future, as I stated in my previous MSFT Seeking Alpha article on February 11th shortly after Nadella took office. My position since then has not changed. Since that buy recommendation the stock is currently up 11.06% in accordance with the algorithm. As a focus on cloud is a priority for Microsoft, this article will examine how this shift has taken place so far…

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