Why The Market Is Predictable Guest Blog Post By I Know First Co-Founders Featured On Fintech Circle

As co-authors of The WealthTECH Book, I Know First co-founders Yaron Golgher and Dr. Lipa Roitman were invited to publish a guest blog post about why the market is predictable on popular fintech news and blog website, Fintech Circle.

The majority of people are incredulous about the prospect of using AI to correctly forecast the stock market. They believe the market is too random and therefore, unpredictable. However, the mistake these people make is that they fail to understand that the market is not simply a series of indiscriminate/ arbitrary actions, but rather the combination of all of these individual events form a chaotic system.

In their article, I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher and Chief Scientist Dr. Roitman discuss how the market can be predictable by looking at and modeling the market as a chaotic system.

In the questions, the co-founders answer questions like what chaotic systems are, how to identify these systems, how the stock market falls into this category, how to quantify and account for the involved chaos, noise that can arise and how to block it out, what Hurst exponents are, and how I Know First implements these aspects into its algorithm and daily market forecasts.

If you would like to read more about why the market is predictable, read the full guest post here.


The I Know First co-founders were asked to write this post as a follow up to their contribution the the WealthTECH book. In Chapter 4 of “Digital Platforms, Products & Ecosystems,” Dr. Roitman and Mr. Golgher look at some of the ongoing trends and changes in the financial services industry and how asset managers can (or should) be transforming themselves to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. The WealthTECH book was written and published in combination with a variety of leading fintech experts and reached 7th place on Amazon’s Bestseller Ranking while also being considered a “Hot New Release”.

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