Warren Buffett Stock Picks Based On Algorithms: Return up to 51.89% in 7 Days

 Warren Buffett Stock Picks

Warren Buffett Stock Picks: This Warren Buffett Stocks Portfolio is part of the “Buffett’s Top 10” package, as one of I Know First’s quantitative investment solutions. Investors generally utilize the I Know First advanced self-learning algorithm to take advantage of Warren Buffett’s proven investing strategy. The full Top 10 Warren Buffett’s Stocks Package includes the best stocks identified by the algorithm that are currently in Warren Buffett’s portfolio:

  • Top Ten Warren Buffett’s stocks for long position
  • Top Ten Warren Buffett’s stocks for short position

Warren Buffett PortfolioPackage Name: Warren Buffett Portfolio
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 7 Days (05/19/2016 – 05/26/16)
I Know First Average: 8.50%

 Warren Buffett Stock Picks

REXI posted an outstanding return of 51.89% for this 7-day forecast from the algorithm. CAR and QCOM also had respectable returns on the short-term with their individual growths of 7.95% and 5.59%. The package saw overall growth of 8.50% compared to the S&P 500’s 2.07% movement.

Resource America, Inc. (REXI) operates as an asset management company. The company, through its subsidiaries, operates in three segments: Financial Fund Management; Real Estate; and Equipment Finance. The company has agreed to be acquired by C-III Capital Partners for about $207 million. There is now an investigation as to whether this deal is fair to REXI shareholders.

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